Use dynamic easy to do pseudo original classic case

I don’t know whether the title of this article will be the webmaster attention, but it is at least let me very confident, that is the title of the "pseudo original" this word is enough to attract the rookie webmaster eyes, especially those who love and hope to do dumpster fast see the benefits of impatient owners.

is now the Internet resource is too rich, almost what the site has, before there is a recycling station boss found me, said to be a waste collection on the web site, ha ha, is really the times. So rich network resources, so that more and more webmaster choose to do garbage station, and based on the search engine dependence, and had to let us choose "pseudo original"". There are two reasons: first, because of the popularization of technology to make the site of the station number, let the webmaster hard to identify and distinctive types of Web sites, so they had to follow the ass go, what we do what others do; second, cyber source is more and more abundant, grow the webmaster of unearned habits, "collect" pandemic "pseudo original" was born.


on "pseudo original", the Internet can be seen everywhere, can be said to have It is often seen. with some software, in addition to replace a lot of words, the general method of manual "pseudo original" is nothing more than to change the title and the head and tail, or change the order of paragraphs, in order to achieve to reduce the similarity. But the repeated work every day has a lot of work, but the effect is not necessarily good. Including my net writing is, at the beginning, every day I manually update 30 articles about Baidu snapshot update, flow is not up, has been hovering around 500IP, the reason is included in the search engine page too little. I use the website management system easy, after I finally came up with a cudgel thinking, which can achieve automatic pseudo original and save human labor method, after testing, the effect is very obvious, every collection of 100-200 articles, Baidu second days can be included more than 30%, the flow has a rapid increase. Has exceeded 10 thousand IP, until later because of record problems, the website was forced to shut down, the weight of affected sites, traffic plummeted.

this method is actually very simple, here to share, if you are interested, you can try.

: the first is to automatically change the title, with automatic replacement of some words in the title when the acquisition system, such as the "students" to replace the "Chinese students" or "college students", "ideology" with "understanding" etc.. This method can be implemented with the filter function of the acquisition management. Then I whim, at the end of each article title adds a number of statistics, such as the original title of the article is: "there is love, life will be more exciting," is my site collected automatically becomes: ">