Operations director must seize the four links

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network operation is a more SEO more popular position is more important, the author expected after SEO will slowly change to the operation, so today I to share with you how to by a full-time SEOER to the operation of the road, want to turn to the operators need to pay attention to what, which link is a must to pay close attention to.


of these two days to do a blessing card Ejiao enterprise interview the director of operations, more smoothly, the two sides talked very speculative, but I felt like to remain cautious attitude, because before there are several friends who have seen it before, they do business promotion when. Always feel all day to do things, get busy from morning to night sweating, but did not have the desired effect outcome, performance is not up to the expectations of the boss, of course, is not very satisfactory. Here, I sum up the operation of the director of the four links must be listed as follows:

I: operational positioning, layout design link

1, we are doing this before optimization background, the key for the success of a website is the location of deep feeling, this point in the operation also applies to stand in what position to think about the problem, thinking of how far you can go far, according to their own conditions and competitors situation accurately location is the premise of the late implementation process smoothly or not.

We will design the site after

2, location, this link is generally given to the site construction company to operate, but we must do the site structure design and content layout work, to integrate the user experience and search engine needs to do out of the net station most spiders and users love, low bounce rate after optimization of the website ranking will be better. Therefore, this link is very professional.

two: network promotion link

clear positioning, the structure has a good design, art design and program to do a good job in front of a site can be on the line, this site does not have a flow over, time will not be included in the search engine, if you want to wait until after the optimization to bring the flow of words, there will be a process needs 2-3 months time, so we can use the Internet to promote the business website in this period of time, such as "Baidu promotion (if the money is enough), related to advertising and marketing platform, QQ group, micro-blog marketing, email marketing and traditional promotion methods can be utilized together.

three: SEO optimization for precision marketing links

here, back to the old bank to optimize our SEO, this should be our strength, this is a long and hard work, a website maintenance, now called, specific optimization methods and ideas of the author here is not to show off, many here big god.

four: brand promotion and crisis PR

1, whether it’s doing offline or doing online, want to go for a long time

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