Why should the electricity supplier enterprise do Amoy brand

according to relevant data statistics show that the current Taobao in the shop has more than 600, and every day there will be 1 shops because of mismanagement and closed down. Even if everyone already knows, Taobao’s competition is very fierce, and today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, most people die tomorrow night. But there are still many people who fought in Taobao, because without him, like Ma said, the 21 world or electronic commerce, or no business can. Stationed in Taobao’s ultimate road, must be Amoy brand line to develop, or else caught in a vicious cycle of price war and unable to extricate themselves, enterprises can hardly mention the great profit margins.

is the first to clear why the product must take the brand route? When we started the operation in the mall stores last year, go very hard, every step out takes a tremendous effort. When the boss’s marketing strategy is the main price war, through a strong sales promotion to break the zero sales situation, to continue to win market share. As several other members to participate in the marketing meeting, we were very much against the price war, it was also the seven princess case to share out, implying that the price war will hurt the brand sense, is not conducive to the development of future. But when we have ignored the fact that there is no sales, even to survive is a problem, what brand! As if two people love each other, even tomorrow can fill the stomach are not guaranteed, talk about luxury is obviously a very ideal setting for a couple in love. Therefore, we must first correct the idea of putting the cart before the horse, and in the right direction, we can have a good way out.

enterprises through a number of sales price war created when the survival problem has been solved, and a small profit when, why not a little bit, will continue to develop in the direction of the brand? For example, we are now in the industry also ranked 300 (a total of about more than 6000 stores). Annual sales can reach more than 10 million. But the profit is very low, after all, we still have to operate through a price war promotion way, if not for a long time to do promotional activities, the flow of the shop will drop very much, but sales will decline. Seven, CEO’s interview said that their annual sales of the store had exceeded 300 million yuan, and the profit margin was about 50%. This is the added value of the brand effect. We are not necessarily inferior to quality, but when it comes to profit margins, we may be just 1/10 of the others. Therefore, even if the solution to the survival of the road, brand road must be inevitable.

then, how should we go about branding? First of all, from the point of product positioning, we should gradually transfer from low-priced products to medium priced products. At this stage of transition, there must be difficulties. For example, customers are hard to accept for this price system. Our shop has encountered similar problems before, the new spike before the basic is 90 percent off, slow >

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