Qiu Shida how can personal websites maximize profits

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Anhui Internet Alliance (http://s.www.53w.net) has been to the thirty-seventh period, the guests Qiushi, male, graduated from Guangdong Zhongshan University in 2007, the Department of administration, school counselors, college party chief deputy secretary, the chairman of the student union and other duties, now at the Shenzhen City Post office.


contact SEO, SEO data has been the establishment of the station in 2007 (chinaseo.org.cn), Ren (dunsh.org) SEO stone interaction technology senior moderators, search behavior and single page optimization has a deep research on the main users of Baidu SEO.

adhere to the SEO optimization idea to the idea, 105 days SEO keywords do Baidu ranked first, and kept for nearly a year; 137 days to create a single page tudou.com nearly 60 thousand IP myth; 105 days will be on the development of grassroots network IP super 100 thousand personal website; in the process of learning SEO to share is Zhanpai, SEO released a large number of cases during the study. The series of lectures, including the initial lift case, Yulgang PW case, car refrigerator case, 163 mailbox case, tudou.com case, catering and entertainment information station, English station sometopics cases and 08 years of traffic competition, provide a valuable tutorial for beginners SEO, to open another door to learn SEO.

April 2009 formation of new communication team, with the major gateway news channel cooperation, for enterprise customers to provide soft text publishing, brand marketing services.

June 2009 and ZHN joint station network (www.zhncom.com), for individual Adsense to provide all kinds of inquiry services.

, four group is full (2000 people) is full, the webmaster can add 500 new people, new five group: 39463377 free to attend but please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

below is the transcript of this lecture:

speech topic: how does personal website create maximum benefit

Qiu Shida: Good evening, everyone. The topic of conversation with you tonight is about personal website making money. According to the original outline, it is three large parts. I will focus on the second, that is, how to make a new profit making website, and the other two will be rough. Of course, also interspersed with some of my own in Wangzhuan way some experience and experience, especially in SEO this one. As my lectures are improvised, there will inevitably be some problems, such as typing fast enough, content is not comprehensive, and so on, please also forgive me.

1. Advertising optimization of existing websites

the first part is advertising optimization for existing websites. Believe that many webmaster exist!

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