The webmaster teaches your editor to do the following

What should the editors of the

regional portal do,


as the editor of Xiasha network in Xiasha District of Hangzhou, I combine my experience with the webmaster to share my experience. How do I get our editors to do articles?.

we generally think that what editors do every day is nothing more than Ctrl c+ctrl V, a computer in the office every day, and some information on other websites to paste onto their websites. But there are so many things happening every day, turning over and over, opening every website and even a few big gateways, except for some subtle differences in title, the content is basically almost the same. But there is no editor, absolutely not, the site needs content ah, then how to let them in boring editing work to find happiness, how to maximize the role of editors,


allows your editor to have pseudo original abilities,

I often

to analyse the data, understand my Internet visitor’s browsing habits, to understand their own to tell my editor, let them learn how to write articles to match up. For example, our website "Xiasha information" in even the reprint of the article, we also try to highlight the local characteristics in the title, add some key words, such as "Xiasha Street" and "Xiasha Wumart supermarkets" with local characteristics such as streets or buildings. When you combine the web site keyword pseudo original, the site SEO help, will be considered as original content. Reproduced in the title of the article shows the regional characteristics, which is a pseudo original ability.

let your editor "go out"

is one of the most popular ways of accessing information in our web sites and even other large websites. If editors have time to do original articles, then the best thing to do is. When your original article has been reprinted countless times, your website will greatly enhance the influence, whether for individuals or the prospects of the site, are good. Try to get your editor to spend more time going out and doing more local features, even for a few photos and a few homely words, which are better than the same information you find on N multiple sites. On the one hand, it can let editors know more local information, which is useful for the future. On the other hand, they are also doing some of the content while slowly reaching out to potential customers to facilitate their business development.

tied editors and marketers together,

we agree that the "editor" and "marketing personnel" work tied together, which can be used as a soft income channel, directly with the two departments of personal performance linked. Currently, Xiasha network is using this method of income generation.

Have []

now sand column Xiasha wealth network, mainly the editorial department of the preparation of various types of business or personal image copy, including: enterprise introduction, enterprise culture, business history, soft advertising, event marketing, product packaging, interviews, biographies, articles written by the media.

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