Zhaochafa zhongpan change the upcoming 2008

a man walks so fast that he needs to stop and let his soul follow. = = = Indian proverbs

At the end of every

, and ultimately to inventorying, gain and loss, cause and effect, look at themselves, look at zhaochafa year footprints, discovered inadvertently, has been a long time did not write, the reason is probably because zhaochafa, registered public our operation zhaochafa, tear my life and the frog and the brain, every day, a look at the calendar, is the 28 on the morning of 2008, the last page of the calendar page is less, not what can make us feel, nor what can I let people feel warm, if you insist on a feeling, it may be waiting for.

wrote these words, I stop many times, from time to time to see his son did kick the quilt while thinking, zhaochafa, thinking a years experience, on 2008, the time is so hasty, and how fragile, when experienced in 2008 Chinese happened so many things, only to find the meaning of life, before may not imagine, to make a sense of what. Maybe it’s not easy, everything passes…

about 2008 this year, this year zhaochafa and I personally experienced a lot of things and the frog: rights lawsuit, family crisis, the webmaster general assembly, I personally organize a number of charitable activities, Industrial and Commercial Bureau involved in the Internet, the first Internet website standard conference co Hohhot, registered company, 3rd Anniversary opening celebration of Thanksgiving. Copycat version of zhaochafa raging like a storm…… So a few words, but his own experience after the back cover soil dust wipe off the surface of things, after carefully combing, found that, this year, is doomed to load zhaochafa’s history, because this year, the economic environment, zhaochafa upstream, finished the transition from personal website to the commercial website, through the whole year’s labor pains.


early in the spring of the stationmaster Congress, was the impulse to write something, then involved in the Internet market Industrial and Commercial Bureau, four fund-raising for the company, assist Industrial and Commercial Bureau meeting held regulate the development of the Internet, often these 3rd Anniversary Thanksgiving ceremony process, there are some bits to record retained, but the personal energy is there what is exhausted, writing schedule can only be postponed indefinitely. Well, the time left me a relatively easy weekend, and after midnight I had time to dig out some bits and pieces from my story, and sort it out and save it in 2008.

sometimes ask, 2008, you are in happy memories or swim in tough


went to Beijing to attend stationmaster Congress, what feeling when Hohhot can have a prosperous relaxed Internet environment. However, after the surging waves of an economic crisis, the image of prosperity soon became disillusioned and replaced

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