SEO search engine optimization of the highest realm SEO technology from the web site optimization

SEO search engine optimization, a very popular, has developed rapidly, a technique not outdated, with the development of the Internet, SEO search engine optimization more and more owners are concerned, but also by the attention of the search engines, because the rank of SEO technology, that is the study of search engine ranking algorithm, make a station according to the search engine ranking algorithm, improve the natural ranking website.

, as the SEO optimization technology and the increase in the number of black hat SEO, search engines continue to change algorithms. Now the search engine is becoming more and more user-friendly, and more and more attention to the experience of Internet users, that is, User experience[, referred to as UE].

then what are the basic skills of SEO optimization,


get rid of keywords, tags, chains, website architecture,


the answer is: no..

search engine ranking algorithms increasingly focus on user experience, but will not be divorced from the basic skills of SEO optimization. Just add a little more on that basis.

many webmaster novice, at the website ranking to refer to many authoritative SEO station data, master the experience, also participated in many SEO training, and then according to the practice of others, and optimize their own station, the effect is very little.

, for example, keyword density, keyword set, many people say that the keyword density should be controlled, is 2%-8%, but when they hit the opponent station keyword density, or when seeing other website keyword density is greater than this range, they lost, others is wrong, or search engine the adjustment range of ~~~~~~~~

search engine keyword density settings, there is a change, keyword density, and will drop the right, serious, and even K station, but the density of how specific, no one can say. The various stations have various station standards, do online mall station keyword density and do enterprise stand keyword density is not the same, do keyword density and blog forum station station keyword density is not the same.

The key to

is to grasp the problem of one degree. Keyword density is big, unfavorable to website rank; keyword density is small, unfavorable to website rank.

many webmaster friends do stand, all refer to other people’s experience, view and settings, lead to their station ranking total not go, why


go the other way, you can only go behind others, when people stop, you will have no opinion, stop, and others have found a new, you can also go along with others, so that you will

more than others?

won’t. Never will.

is far from it. Sorry. [the latest many new friends always ask me about the website the basic set of problems, I have a little trouble, bring it here, feel shy]<>

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