Talking about the mentality of doing website

no matter what you do, it’s important to have an ordinary heart. But very few people do that, so the people who do it succeed and more people hang out of the door of success.

of course, for success, different people have different standards, different periods have different goals. You can’t generalize, but obviously, attitude is very important. For example, do a website, for a novice webmaster, 500IP may seem impossible. But isn’t it a success to achieve this goal by working hard? But for 50 thousand IP webmaster, even growing 500IP every day, it doesn’t always make you feel comfortable. Always hope today ten thousand IP, tomorrow will be twenty thousand, the day after tomorrow traffic catch up with Li Xingping……

Why does

own website rank very low? Besides ask oneself, the rest can only ask Baidu, ask Google. I don’t want to be a person who understands everything. I’m a beginner too. For search, I can only make my own judgment and Optimization on personal understanding and experience. I’m afraid I’m going to ask what I understand and optimize. What can I do about it? For example, the school network, such as the new GUI film, is like selling oil Weng, saying "without him, only by hand"".

network on the site optimization in this paper has been detailed to an amazing degree, but why in so many articles also feel useless? On the Internet, everyone can receive the information resources is quite equal, not lack of information here, there is no gap too much.

some people always think that there must be an advanced method, not to be revealed, then the simple truth has disdain to see. Yes, because you disdain, so search disdain you. There is no end to social transformation, and so is the web site. Basically now stationmaster ran money to do the site. In this material society, money is necessary. But too much profit and his behavior is very funny. Your site is also hard to survive,.

some people are always impatient, why the site is so long established no traffic, catch a so-called "master", I wish to pull, do not let go. And do not say others need not likely to what you teach and learn, even very enthusiastic, I hope as soon as possible into the socialist countries, are unlikely to put things two words to say clear.

as a man who has a very good chance to ask Gates, is hopeful to ask "how to become the richest man in the world?", similar questions such as "how do you make money?" this is indeed a great problem, not only highlights the question of "wisdom" to a certain extent, also puzzled the respondents.

in fact, this question can be changed into a sentence sentence: "you give me all your money, so I am the richest man in the world.". In many cases, the difference between poverty and affluence is not matter, but thought. Education has become more and more a kind of fill in

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