Three months after built the network how to achieve monthly profit of 3000

because of my friend’s recommendation, I created the Shanghai decoration network at the beginning of the year. After three months of development, the website has achieved 3000 monthly profit, and this result is unexpected. Here we talk about the website development process and some experience.

my Shanghai decoration network started construction in February this year. After more than one month, PR was raised from 0 to 3, which surprised me a little. How the PR website in just a month from 0 to 3, I think there are two reasons: the first is because of my site articles are basically the original or false original; second is in the website content after filling a few high quality sites as friends of the chain. I personally think that we do these two aspects, the site’s PR and ranking should be able to quickly improve.

currently has 20-30 IP searches per day, so don’t underestimate the 20-30IP, which brings me around $3000 a month. Now every month I can take about 3 of the decoration list, I is not a decoration company, some friends in the decoration, I put these decoration list subcontracted to them, the average list can earn about 1000 yuan. I did not deduct too much from the Commission, because to ensure the quality of decoration, more commission, I certainly can not guarantee quality. The key is not to ruin the brand of your website. Sometimes, some of the list did not make money, I will do it, because as a decoration of the people, a graduate just a few years of students, I can understand the feelings and difficulties of many people.


I take orders relatively hard advertising, but also need to know some decoration knowledge, but so far than to decoration company advertising revenue to a lot more, and one day only dozens of IP, it is difficult to pull advertising.

the next stage, I intend to gradually accumulate funds, and set up their own team, and later opened a decoration company. Here’s a small ad: welcome to the development of the decoration industry, contact me. For the decoration network, I now pay great attention to services and reputation, less money to earn less, mainly to make their customers satisfied. The user is the most important, and besides, the customers of the decoration industry are mainly from the introduction of the customers.

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