How to combine nternet marketing with traditional marketing

The rapid development of the Internet in

not only changes the way people work and live, but also changes the way people spend more directly. In the Internet continues to deduce the myth of sale today, a wrong signal is also confused countless businesses. Many businesses believe that as long as the Internet to the enterprise, products and other related information sent out, it has achieved network marketing, you can wait for the emergence of a miracle sale. As we all know, the Internet is only a carrier of information, but this carrier is different from the traditional television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other traditional information carriers. The Internet has its differences, such as massive information, geographical distribution and high-speed communication, all of which make it a double-edged sword. Only those who really grasp it can dance to the best effect, and truly leveraging the Internet, so that enterprises, products and customers linked to achieve real growth in sales.

soon, "network marketing" this term has become the most frequently mentioned business keywords, businesses believe that as long as the marketing move to the Internet, you can use the Internet to achieve a miracle of Dongfeng leap. Little imagine, want to use the Internet to do marketing, just move the traditional marketing to the Internet is not enough, this marketing will soon be overwhelmed in the Internet mass of information. The change of marketing environment and consumer behavior is the motive force of the development of network marketing, the twentieth Century industrial era to create marketing elements of 4P and Internet technology organic combination is the basis of network marketing is the key to the development of the network.

traditional marketing has been interpreted as a factor of 6P, 11P, and even more on the basis of 4P, but its marketing is essentially the same. That is, through the discovery of market demand and meet this demand, so as to achieve product sales, so that enterprises get operating profits. But how to combine the traditional marketing with the Internet is a breakthrough in the development of network marketing at this stage.

Internet has the characteristics of quick information transfer, a large amount of information, user groups, Internet interaction complex high efficiency and no geographical restrictions, which requires to do network marketing companies to carefully consider the characteristics of the network, combined with the marketing strategy, so that every marketing action can really win the consumers through the Internet to win the market.

first of all, companies should understand their products. Not what kind of products are suitable for marketing through the Internet, and correctly grasp the characteristics of their products is the basis of all marketing. Only when we understand the characteristics of the product itself, we can define the market demand that the product can satisfy, and then we can describe the characteristics of the target customer group further. Of course, after the product is sold, it is not the end of marketing, but it is the beginning of marketing.

secondly, we need to understand the consumer characteristics of the target market. On the Internet, not everyone can become an enterprise customer. Because of the complexity of the network user structure, it is very difficult for enterprises to distinguish the target market groups in a clear way. However, it is possible to categorize network users through certain features of the user, and then implement >

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