mprove the basic knowledge of website traffic [new Adsense must see]

How does

improve web traffic?

, your site is well done, your website traffic is high, the higher the more popular people. No way, now people follow the trend…

for new webmaster, here are some basic knowledge that must be understood

1. first, let Baidu, Google, and other major sites included in your station, so that others can find you in the first time on the search engine, which is the most junior and most important.

2. in addition to the search engine, you can also add some traffic exchange station, but it should be noted that now flow exchange station mostly have a pop or virus, that we must choose a clear, here I introduce to everyone. OK, 123 Internet navigation station, registered address:

3. actively to your website related BBS post, the more popular, the better. Leave a URL in the content (otherwise it will definitely be deleted as AD), which will attract some of the visitors. (as for the number of visitors, it depends on the content of your posts and the quality of your website. It’s up to you.)

4. always updates the content of the site to increase visitor re access rates.


5. and other related websites, the forum to exchange links, (of course people first to investigate your site traffic, such as you want to flow and 1000IP site exchange links at least they don’t lower than 700, so the success rate is high to


6. sends spam to promote its website, but this method is harmful to website image, if you do not make XXXXX, suggest not to use.

7. appropriate to spend some money to buy some advertising. Now, Ali mother will provide such a platform, Adsense can not only sell advertising, but also can buy advertising. Of course, the price is proportional to the amount of visits, and a higher popularity website advertising costs are also scary.

, in short, is to the minimum investment for maximum to give you the opportunity to show the website, to let more people pay attention to your site, even if it is not accessible, with eyes sweep, that you have made, ha ~~

8. with fake traffic to give yourself some capital flow, exchange, in other words there is a web page you visit A A also visit you once, so you can switch to a flow, if you and 10000 Adsense exchange traffic then you can get 10000 IP, of course not by hand, by specialized software to complete, otherwise one day you have to change the two mouse, ha ha ~~~

these steps are every site in the early stages of development, the webmaster will do, and the future of the road, depends on your intelligence and innovation consciousness.

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