Human nature determines enterprise and then decides website nature


people have high handsome appearance, good or bad, too, is a website quality and character of the other fat beauty, here we just list one or two.

beautiful people are often welcomed by others, but whether it is a really useful person is still difficult to say; beautiful websites will be welcomed by everyone, but the practicability is another topic. Beautiful people generally pay attention to appearance, good heart or inner beauty is generally not so much, so we often see the handsome and beautiful heart is fragile, with really good people is the gap, but also because of this only occasional beautiful handsome do good deeds have been reported; for the website, a beautiful website. Is a multimedia application effect picture or animation or video too many people in the focus on the surface effect display case, tend to ignore the most important mission for the practical and useful web site:


people’s heart with good or bad site useless same similarities, we tend to evaluate a person with good people, good people or the mind is not very good, lazy people, used in the website, we usually say the website, the marketing effect is really fierce or nothing, is rubbish etc.. Therefore, the quality of the site is consistent with people’s good or bad.

everyone has his personality, mild tempered, brave and timid, introversion extroversion and so on, on the site, but also has the character, whether a site often change in content, give people the feeling that what can reflect its character. For example, a mature business website, give people the feeling is stable and generous; a beautiful shopping site, then it will reflect the character of fashion; and as a constantly changing structure contents of the website, then its character is not stable, snappiness etc..

of course, there are a lot of people, to the concept of attitude, also can reflect the corresponding website often update the site location, so that the site with the same people, what kind of people will have what kind of website.

however, again how, unable to show characteristics of a site’s biggest feature is the network, the sharing of resources, analyzed above website personality beauty for everyone, so here we analyze how the enterprises to choose their own corporate personality website:

with the rapid development of the Internet, especially the raging like a storm electricity supplier in the world more and more enterprises and individuals, beginning to understand the importance of network development, more and more people began to have their own web site. But different types of websites reflected the role is not the same, in the face of numerous types of Web sites, how to quickly determine which type of Web site is suitable for the enterprise nature and can achieve the purpose? This odd billion network to teach you the recipe.

first of all, for general service oriented service-oriented enterprises, the proposed type of website is the propaganda website, which does not have much complicated work

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