Four points to note when returning a ixwebhosting

The advantages of

to buy foreign host not only their large space, large flow and giving independent domain name, such as IP, it is very important, that is, foreign host can unconditional refund, this is the host unmatched? Perhaps because of this, the foreign host more and more love the webmaster.

ixwebhosting host is no exception, it is unconditional refund, and their Chinese official website, is clearly written 100% refund, before I of these contents are also introduced, then we need to pay attention to some of the content is to see ixwebhosting


1, a refund within 30 days will be deducted from the extra cost to IXWebHosting domain, to provide 30 days unconditional refund guarantee ", we can buy IXWebHosting service, absolute zero risk, but in the successful applicants within 30 days can apply for a full refund, but the refund in the process, and they will be deducted from the installation the cost of additional excess charges and free domain name registration fee, when you violate this agreement, they will be stopped using the account, not entitled to the refund guarantee.

2, any refund guarantee will also be deducted from prepaid expenses, IXWebHosting provides "anytime refund guarantee", the user can rest assured to buy our service, absolutely zero risk. The user can apply for a refund of the fee (non current billing cycle costs) and so far all of the prepaid expenses, deduct the excess fees, relocation and domain registration fees if a violation of this agreement is to stop the use of the account shall not be entitled to this guarantee.

if you are not satisfied with the IXWebHosting service, you can always apply for a refund at any time. "Must pass the following URL link ixwebhosting official to apply for the refund guarantee: support.html, they will be required to apply for a refund of the user for a simple reason, the convenience of IXWebHosting and improve the service level.

3, Alipay through the payment users attention, Alipay is the third party service we provide for the convenience of customers. Alipay requires that all transactions must be within 90 for businesses to refund, therefore, to apply for "guaranteed" refund at any time via Alipay

users can not pay

4, domain name registration refund should not be timed out, IXWebHosting uses industry standard third party domain name registration institution to provide domain name registration service. Buying a domain name through IXWebHosting is the registration of domain names from a registrar. Domain name registration in this way cannot be refunded, and IXWebHosting will deduct domain name registration fees from the refund.

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