Talk about the experience of buying rice after 90

buy rice, it should be from 2006 talk about.

First I registered domain name

is a domain name is also good, then did not renew, off. Now do the site, belongs to Heilongjiang unicom. (why didn’t you come and buy me rice at that time? Depressed ing)

registered more time should be in 2007, can be said that there is no experience, whim, see a good domain name registration, and the com net cn all registered, these domain names will not renew. The better thing is It was more than 1000


by 2008, the level of registration is a little higher, so let’s feel it for a while. The domain names registered during this period are 750.HK,, There are also some CN domains, such as

to the turn of 0809, I helped my friend sign up for, which is a pair of corn.

begins to register org net meters, such as,,,

began to buy rice this year, had previously been registered, just know today than to buy cost-effective registration meters. Now the meters are all registered, and some of them are not good enough to register. I just bought a rice blog.

recently had time to come to ename to stroll around, four initials CN only dozens, 5 Digital CN only a few dollars. Halo, it’s really cheap. Then bought a few, I did not expect the Ename push function so strong, want to push on push. Today I know push is so strong, Ename is so strong.

here summed up the past few years to play rice experience:

one, domain name first choice com, there are com, the other can be given to others (I lost the URL is first input com suffix).

two, select net cn without com.

three, build your own blog, personal web site, you can choose org, and now there are many good ORG meters.

four, can not register to buy rice, buy rice first choice Ename, NameRich,,, is a good trading platform.

five, meters are not many, but in essence.

six, students take a meter, it is best to do stand, or else can not earn a few bucks, and playing meters for students do not mean much.

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