What should pay attention to the purchase of the chain

buy the chain, can speed up new sites by search engine included speed, also may improve the website PR value and keyword weight. Website promotion is an important means. Yesterday, I wrote a "how to choose the right link for your website", and today I’d like to sum up some of the problems you need to pay attention to when buying links.

first of all, since it is money to buy the chain, you must find the most cost-effective to do. What is cost-effective? This can be analyzed from the following seven conditions.

The number of links to the

1. Object Web site. The PR value of a page is higher, it will be flooded by the vast number of links, there is a saying: "


"home chain in the general control of less than 400 (PR value 4, 5 of the site), the chain too much home page basically no value.".

home outside the chain general control in less than 60 (PR value 4, 5 of the site), the weight of high station can relax, on the contrary, the weight of low station will be strict."

2. object web link ratio. We generally can buy links, usually personal station. High PR personal station generally rely on Links, so we in the purchase link before, we must first look at each other outside the chain of the station, and the station is high PR line, at the same time, but also pay attention to whether there are other possible hijacking PR. This can refer to the previous article.

3. web page weight judgments and content relevance. This can be detected by entering site:’s name in the search box (for example: site:). In general, there is no drop in the right of the home page will be ranked first (if it is no longer the first word, it means that the home page has been dropped by the search engine, so it is better not to buy such a station). Then you can look at the title of the web site, Baidu and GG search these keywords, to see the site’s ranking, of course, the higher the ranking, it represents the higher the weight. The higher the ranking, the more the target users, and the higher the correlation of the content, the greater the possibility of flow diversion.

Snapshot of

4. site. If the page update snapshot is very new, then in speeding up the new station included on the great help.

5. domain name weight comparison. Generally speaking, gov.cn> edu.cn> org> com> net>

; CN (including com.cn, net.cn, org.cn)

6. website included quantity. You should pay special attention to this when you want to buy an all station link. The content of the website is added more by search engine, the content that expresses a website is more attention by search engine. At this time the total station link on the gold content is higher. If your station doesn’t want to exchange links with other people, then the effect of buying a full station link will be better.

7. site properties. If you do regular stations, then either your website or the other party’s >

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