What should an entrepreneurial enterprise do when the global economy shrinks

the global economy is shrinking. What should SMEs, especially entrepreneurial ones, do?

personally believes that cutting costs may be the most effective way to avoid some of the cost is not necessarily equal to reduce costs, which I think especially need the attention of the company’s core personnel.

fast implementation strategy and method of profit in this period may have more than usual, the new budget imperative fixed Chen has become, understand and help customers achieve the purpose they want, customers will help through a difficult period.

this time want to financing through the difficult period of entrepreneurship with possible difficulties in a much larger than usual, because the VC nerve will be particularly nervous during this period of time, so they need a business as soon as possible to find new profit point through self-reliance.

I personally in 2 made a reservation website, there are more than 10 people when the largest team, some small experience told me I might save any can save part of the cost may have fatal influence on your team in the company’s most difficult time.

During that time,

Ma Yun wrote the "winter mission" of a large number of companies have been enmeshed in difficulties, although at that time some people are still advocating that people take part in winter speculation, I was in the SNS said these people and others take the winter rendering speculation boundaries will be better, because the factors in the difficult time of their is the most unstable. Although some things take some words, when some of my friends didn’t think about what a cold. The harder it is, the more difficult it is, the more important it is for everyone to keep a clear head…

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