Talking about how to manage a forum

is busy for a long time, also gradually away from the circle the SEO, everyone forget me, as I’ll then put SEO in general, I earlier said SEO has gone away from me, really good, far away, only occasionally, or think of those days I struggle. There are many forum, is a community for everyone to discuss the University, University of BBS, the industry within the industry forum, the forum which you can Tucao, you can be affixed to the top, you can share your dry cargo, Zhang Qing since the creation of this forum webmaster forum on dry cargo, or by many netizens support, registered members have more than 12000 people to this point so I am very pleased today just a few months, Zhang Qing here on how to manage a forum.


is an open community, avoid to hit advertising, some sensitive issues of illegal information and so on more unavoidable forum appeared in the content inside, how to keep the importance of the user, and get rid of those is purely to advertise the user.

has just registered restrictions for members to advertise directly to prohibit access to

webmaster forum opened a dry cargo limit membership post audit function, limit member posting will require an examination to be able to display the corresponding version in the forum together, this is a very important point to find the newly registered members up to no good, say a little exaggeration, but in the background you can see very clearly, so the membership is entirely in order to send advertising, even Bangui are too lazy to look at, so we do not need to manage the forum at all, directly prohibit ip. No access, please remember to clean up all his statements before he is banned.

has become a member of the ad gag

has been upgraded for membership, since it has been upgraded, so most of these members in the stage can follow the rules or membership restrictions, real speech replies, for such users, we must hold the attitude of criticism and education, there may be a small heart they don’t remember any irregularities caused by the scene, right so, the first time we can one day second gag gag, three days, third times the gag seven days, and state the reasons, then fourth times, we all know shibuguosan, we had to permanently banned, but usually we can kind of bad user directly permanently banned, check his posting record inside there are hidden web site, there are hidden white text, this is holding fluky mentality, a one-off permanent gag.

pseudo signature is the most hateful and directly prohibits access to

pseudo signature the most hateful, he didn’t go to honest post replies earn points to enhance their own level for longer signature authority, he used the pseudo signature at the bottom of the post, we are as white, who can not see your false signature, so I see the pseudo signature direct access to a permanent ban. Say, false signature, some time ago I gave my forum SEO diagnosis when I know, for a long time no >!

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