Most webmaster how to face the emergency filing

with the regulation of the Internet vulgar wind wave is more and more high, has also become a special website for the record will check the action, the Ministry recently issued a "notice" was carried out on site cleaning and filing of the special action, the notice requirements of each ISP (Internet service provider) to 16:00 in February 24th has not yet been shut down before filing the stock website.

in the face of helpless record notification, the webmaster how to make decisions? For now, only these roads can go:

1, filing


received a notice, the notice ISP webmaster emergency record, the webmaster is cramming, although the filing procedures more cumbersome, but it is related to the site’s survival, but also helpless to record. (23 PM 5 pm, due to excessive traffic, resulting in long time can not open)

there is an interesting thing, some owners in order to save time to publish some purchase record in the relevant forum posts, in general, for filing a website, 24 hours to run, the RMB is at about 20-50. Or the Ministry has a prophetic vision now, layoffs more powerful, will give you a way to get rich.

two, renting foreign space or server

some owners in order to avoid the record, or is not willing to put the record, space or server moved abroad, this is a good way, but to remind don’t do illegal things, otherwise it will have a free 24 hour armed bodyguards, and can receive the latest version of a silver bracelet.

three, find some small computer room

some places on the computer room management is not very strict, so there will be no need for the record.

four, stop station,

If you want to in the domestic

website, the record is the only way which must be passed, if not for the record, it will develop in the future will be slightly harder, and the day after the management will be more strict. No record will be closed. Fortunately, my station recently filed successfully through

in general, the record is still very easy to pass, this period of time may not be timely approval, because this time the number of applications for the record site is the most.

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