While walking look at link transactions

in June this year, after six months of efforts, my main keyword to the Baidu first page, once wrote about: I key words "Jay Chou" do Baidu first page experience summary. In July, I started selling links in the webmaster link trading area. Due to lack of experience, time is not enough, I can only shout as much as possible, except the private link is not done, the rest of the basic acceptance of all. At the end of July, my space problems, stopped for nearly a week, the replacement of space after I found my home dropped by Baidu K, from 8000 to more than 2000 have included several.

these days I worried, although the publicity in the BBS of active users, daily popular forums are not bad, the daily number of Posts remained at around 300, but the flow stagnation is a great waste of the popularity of the forum. I carefully look for reasons, check out, and finally locked my eyes on the link transaction. When the August 30th renewal, I will be all included in the 0 Links canceled, and inform the buyer of the replacement. The day before yesterday, I once again found two links included 0, so the initiative refund to buyers, cancel the link. At the same time, in the link, in recent days every day to maintain a high quality friendship links, and cancel the two directory cooperation, as long as the home page. Site this morning, I found the home page is back! "Jay Chou" keyword appears in Baidu second page. My small station is the forum form, in SEO, I always feel inferior to CMS, can enter the first three pages, I am very pleased.

, that’s one of the small things triggered by the link transaction, which reminds you: be sure to see if the link is K. New sites are not included in the best, also don’t do, and first is unable to determine whether the new station, two is new sites to buy links, it is said that itself also increased by K may.

another minor matter, I have detailed recommendations to the king.

day is my monthly renewals fear most days. A buyer of a notice on a link to renew the record. Although I detailed the transaction data with excle, it is still very troublesome. I will QQ group friends, two station a total of about 40 to buyers! And often cancel rebilling, so you need to organize timely grouping of friends. Even so, at the first notification, I can send messages all the way, but the second time I need to contact at least one QQ copy, find and notify. Because some have not renew, notice…….

is probably my practice is benzene, but this is the renewal of a few times summed up. In the beginning, I just made a group of friends, and now I have done my friend’s notes in detail. You know I just sold two station links only, and I will renew the unified link by the end of the month, if there are three stations, five stations? So webmaster don’t do anything else, every day notice renewals, received 10 yuan a record, and then received 10 yuan change record.

so I suggest that Wang Kai UChome and make appropriate changes to appear class >

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