On line 1 years how to use 300 thousand marketing expenses do the nternet industry people know we

China online recruitment market, both 51, Zhaopin this traditional recruitment website, there are 58, the market force low-end recruitment, the main Internet recruitment vertical pull hook net, is a miracle of the market "". Online 1 years, 300 thousand marketing costs, but the Internet industry to do well known.

What is the secret of rapid access to a good reputation in the eyes of the

hook? CEO Maldron pull hook, the core is to fight for the interests of users, from the Tencent of Ma Delong is a step by step how to create a


The following is the

CEO hook Maldron oral:

"Huyou" Xu Xiaoping endorsement


then made 3W coffee, every day will encounter N more entrepreneurial friends, they communicate with me on the eternal topic of two: financing and hiring. 3W is easy to help entrepreneurs find capital, but more difficult to recruit people.

later, we extended on this basis, to 3W in the Internet industry influence and online resources, began to do online recruitment, to help Internet Co search for the best quality talent. In terms of angle, we would like to help the Internet talents find the best career planning, of course, the final result is to help enterprises find high-quality talent.

a lot of people begin to contact the pull hook, is to see the teacher Xu Xiaoping hook endorsement ads, please Xu endorsement of the process is not complicated. Xu as investors pull hook for our platform, behoove. Remember to open the board, we take a flicker of Xu blessing video, and then he sets, accidentally become hook spokesperson.

wonderful slogan: your sister


to give a few examples, Zhaopin has a company called Beijing three science and technology limited company, they Java engineer, job seekers to see "Beijing three science and technology limited company" recruitment information, the first reaction is I’m not going to do a courier company CRM. But the scene is: the American network Java engineer. The user’s feelings will be completely different.

from the user’s point of view, we would like to know what the company’s best-known strengths are, and want to get as much and comprehensive information as possible in the first place. From a different angle of view, the logic of product design is completely different.

second case, such as hook marketing director to find a public relations manager, through a friend to find you, talk about a feeling very good, this is a. Pull hook also think you are good, said to meet CEO Maldron, we chatted a very in tune. Finally, you are three HRD and hook.

third and HRD on you to hook the salary, our budget for the post is a monthly salary of 1.2W, I hope you can help to pull the hook to a higher level. And your current monthly income is 2W, and you’re sure to be unhappy, wondering why you can’t tell me the salary range for the first time. So, in the pull hook production >

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