About the three understanding of the game community gaming community is still there

what is the "gaming community"?

in recent years, a concept has been a fire for a while, and then there is a feeling of noise ruins. That’s the gaming community". So what exactly is the gaming community,


literally, the game community can be understood in three ways:

games + community

games consist of community

play games composed of community

this is exactly what kinds of forms of the existing "gaming community" are, and I would like to say a little bit about the features and status quo of these forms.

games + community

game + community, this form of game and community is actually relatively independent business, both on the user only maintain a certain degree of coincidence. Domestic well-known social networking platform, Renren, 51.com, Qzone and so on belong to this mode.

and its benefits in the community that does not affect the user’s needs, but also provides a platform for further to want to play the part of the community of users, of course, more important is the game is a very good tool for money.

, however, this form of "gaming community" can not be called a "real gaming community."". Social game users and users tend to be quite distinct from each other, the coincidence degree is low, and poor user mobility in business between two. Greatly limited the development of the game business space, and subject to the overall style of the site, it is impossible to become a game based vertical social sphere. Can only say that social networking sites mixed with the game business.

games consist of community

talk about the community of games. This form of "cell" is one game after another. It can be said that it is a game platform, mainly by developers, agents, operators and so on to drive, by their interaction with users. Recently, 37wan, 51wan and other web game platforms can be classified into this category.

this form is easy to operate and popularize, but it has less interaction with users and is relatively simple. A feature of web games is that a game will connect to N platforms. Most users are concerned with the game itself, not the platform for the game. Once asked several web game friends, "which platform do you choose to play web games?" answered. The general requirements are two: first, more people; second, the game is fun. Therefore, the user loyalty to the platform is very low, and easy to drain.

by the way, there are three types of platforms in this form:

own traffic (360, QQ, etc.)

has money to buy traffic (37wan, etc.)

cock wire platform (many, many)…


who is going to live better?

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