Ways to increase the amount of web access

              how to improve site traffic is a problem that has puzzled many webmasters. Increase the amount of visitors to attract new visitors, but more importantly, to retain repeat customers, but some of these people in total statistics accounted for an absolute proportion of passengers. Well, here to talk about the methods to improve the website visit quantity:

1. questionnaire

              on your web site to do some small survey, ask an interesting question, let visitors vote. Voters may come back tomorrow or next week to see the results of the survey. In this way, attract visitors to your website.

2. awards event

              on the site of the occasional activities of some awards, prizes do not have to be too valuable, as long as your visitors a little useful. They will often come to see the result of the lottery.

3. original article

              put something else on the web without something else. It’s not that you have to be original, but at least part of it is. So that other people will come to you.

4. quiz

              put some quizzes on the website and publish answers every week. Participants will come to the correct answer.

5. news

              provide news related to the subject. Most people like the latest news. If you can be their first source, they will repeat it.

6. joke

              keep a little humor; don’t be too serious; say a little joke. If visitors feel very happy subconsciously, they will continue to visit.

7. free list

              people like free stuff. Make a free list of software, services, gadgets, e-books, etc., but be relevant to your topic. In time, visitors will come back regularly.

8. directory


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