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editor’s note: in August this year, IDG capital established the IDG capital 90 entrepreneur fund, the willingness to use large amounts of money to support young, especially after 90 entrepreneurs. What is the 90 trait? What is life after 90? Why investment oriented lifestyle 90 entrepreneurial projects? As the answer to this question seems to be too large, and let them define their own stories as well.

lead: in Du Mengjie’s view, the young people besides likes "the novel cool" the thing, cares more actually can bring the growth and the change experience or the experience for oneself.

Du Mengjie, CEO, born in 1989. When he was a senior, most of the people around him are not "raised" as it is, but he used nearly twenty thousand words in the fundraising letters on the network for their travel funds raised, realized a year off to tour the dream. He went to India to do AIDS charity project, as an assistant to the logistics company CEO in Afghanistan, to participate in international organizations, working in another way to walk in India, Nepal, Dubai, Bahrain and Afghanistan in five countries. When he was in Afghanistan, he passed away with death, and in that case he began to break out of the world. So he decided to return to China and decided to start his own business.

shlf1314 Adwords, quality score is a very important concept, and many factors affect the quality score. Share the impact of the ad landing page landing page on quality scores today.

The loading speed of

has a good idea, of course not necessarily smooth sailing. At the beginning of his career, Du Mengjie and his team imitated the biggest and most mature platform for all overseas companies to do

in May 11, Du Mengjie went to see a friend about the idea of starting a business. Friends say that your experience is not that many people help you, then, if it is a better platform to help others realize their dreams, creativity, and talent?. "I thought, Bingo," the thought thrilled Du Mengjie. "Then let’s do it."."


1., some people think that the jump rate of landing pages will affect the quality of advertising. The quality with high jumping rate will be lower. At first glance, it sounds correct, but it is a fallacy. The reason is very simple, your landing page bounce rate shlf1314 how can know? Users click on shlf1314 search results page, shlf1314 advertising, and then there is a link to adjust to your web page, all shlf1314 code is finished, the user enters the is your website code. So shlf1314 simply couldn’t get the jump rate of the user on the landing page. So the jump rate doesn’t affect the quality score. But a good landing page can improve the efficiency of advertising. It’s also very important for a website.

death is not terrible, terrible is to come to the world, but never come to

I want to help others achieve creativity, talent and dreams,

The correlation between

3. advertising language and landing page will affect the quality of advertising. This concept is vague. What kind of ads are more relevant to landing pages? shlf1314 must have many algorithms to judge relevance. There is a better way to optimize landing page in SEO. The banner of advertising language is equivalent to the title of the page, and the content of the advertisement is equivalent to the description of the page. Thus, the method of optimizing keywords in SEO, such as keyword duplication, keyword density, keyword distribution, keyword variants, etc., can be used in the optimization of landing page. Believe, for understanding SEO, this is not difficult. Here is a train of thought questions, shlf1314 in natural rankings and Adwords, the algorithm used to determine relevance is bound to be one set, is generic.


"the explosion in Afghanistan, is next to my company, I thought Taliban came hub. I think if I really die here, it won’t be any news – it’s worse than death: you’ve lived so long, and finally you’re a meaningless, worthless person."

2.Landing page will affect the quality of advertising. Or that question, how does shlf1314 know the speed of loading your web pages? Of course, it won’t be the user’s browser’s load time when the user clicks. shlf1314 has its own crawler. When crawling on a web page, shlf1314 knows how quickly your web pages are loaded. In the shlf1314 administrator tool, there is information about the speed at which your website is loaded, enough to show that shlf1314 can know the speed at which your web pages are loaded. Therefore, the loading speed of landing page will affect the quality score, and the faster the load, the better.

needs to note is that shlf1314 does not always assess the quality of the pages, but there is a lag, which may be within a month or so. So, after modifying the landing page, you need to wait >

The last thing

Du Mengjie returned home and spent a month running around: "I didn’t want to do all the chips in the first place.". I went to a lot of cities and met some seniors and chatted with my friends. Once I have decided, I will be very carefully prepared, careful planning, what I need, what to do, how to design. Entrepreneurship is the same, deciding to start a business is also a thrill for me. But when I decide to do it, I will design it rationally, see who and what to prepare. I’m not anxious at this time."

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