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well, let’s talk about it. I hope I’ll do it now


believes that Taobao had guest webmaster friends know the concept of a single page station, yes!! single page station is Taobao 2010 off in the most crazy year, single page trend last year really let many webmaster earn a lot of money! But learned politics all know that everything is evolving this is the truth! Built Taobao station, now the single page station profit model has not been able to meet the needs of the users.

single page stand in transition,


for the distance problem, God carved that core Manicure division select service radius is an hour off the price level, " when he was the entry-level, customer price is low, the radius of efficiency is more important, if the waste of 2 hours on the road, you can not earn what money; but when he promoted the craft that price can reach 500, more than 600 yuan, it is not a problem. "

, the first to create a critical blog site: if you let users trust your site so profit is quite easy! Only the user can further trust purchase desire. Rather than simply add a picture and a Taobao customer link up, do not put the user as a fool, remember that a word is "customer is God"! So try to provide something of value for the user. To create this comment blog, I am also writing an article before, "explore the 2011 Taobao customers single page stand of the new model", which has a detailed introduction,

" technology is by the technology of food, craft is different, so the price is certainly not the same, " in God carved eyes, the price mechanism is not the platform to develop the market, but to make a decision, so have the autonomy to the craftsman, Manicure herself will continue to be adjusted according to her the technology and consumer demand, in order to maximize the profit.

founded a year ago, a beaver day order peak now reached 8400, the platform has more than two thousand Manicure division, APP installed capacity of nearly one million in 2014, a total of 4 million 960 thousand people experience Manicure service. Also across a number of categories, from the initial nail to the United States eyelashes, hand and foot care, make-up, after the beauty, photography will also be on-line.

second, provides a valuable article: from the perspective of the user, the user sees valuable articles they will trust your station, some will reblog! This is best illustrated, this will improve the readability, but also to the user to feel you are in the heart of business, rather than from fudge! SEO view: we all know that a website to have very good weight, the original article must be

! program!

from March last year, the beaver house is just one year old, as the door started service the first shot of the products, what are the growth and change in the past year? I am God carved in the second half of O2O and what thoughts and opinions? With these questions, 36 krypton and God carved the a dialogue:



Meng wake, said God carved from AFU, essential oil, carved sirloin to Beaver, his three crossover project although a lot of controversy, but fame all quite loud, especially the liberation of people home O2O positioning technology platform for the beauty industry beaver home on the last day of the year, announced the acquisition of nearly $50 million C round financing.

second, from the perspective of SEO: we all know that Taobao passenger accurate flow is quite awesome, these are valuable traffic! Maybe you do a lucrative product, a IP can bring the income of several hundred dollars! So, see that it is particularly important to optimize our Taobao customer site. We all know, single page station is a lot of shortcomings are unfavorable to SEO ranking, to do Taobao station ranking, you must from content, the chain, user experience 3 aspects, time is kingly,

can be seen from the above two beaver home and competitors in the play on different: Beaver family encourage craftsmen from plastic brand, the emphasis is to develop skills of personality, the pursuit of service and the price difference of diversity; the latter hopes to build a platform for the brand, emphasizing every service can meet with.

visual fatigue: sh419 as the search engine, if each of the search results are some single page station, a few pictures, the price of the product does not provide users the most effective information, so that sh419 will indeed be adjusted. From the user’s point of view: see more will be tired, annoying, will inevitably lead to Taobao customers of the conversion rate of goods decline, perhaps, the user has not seen a glance to turn off your site!

distance, the Manicure beaver division in the works is relatively free pricing. Even if painted monochrome, although not quite different, but each nail stylist has her own price. Why not choose a relatively uniform pricing,

why does a single page come to an end,

search in sh419 now long tail word weight-loss drugs are some of the basic Taobao guest site, basically the same point found that they are single page station, the head is a single page, here are some articles or some of the garbage article! Program is Dede, WP, zblog and other mainstream

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this way, if you remove promotional activities, the nail teacher average four orders per day or so. " I noticed that many times home Manicure division is running in the whole city, for four place one day, but they sell is essentially the way time, the cost is too big? "

In fact,

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