Knife my monthly income of 10000 Amazon growth process22 million deal Papi sauce the first ad auct


this station has done about two months later, basically began to stabilize, of course, will produce some natural outside chain, I also have some self built blog, send some books related Bowen

When Zhang Quanling made a speech at the

to 2016 capital financing, SARFT named after the rectification again, again to today’s 22 million selling advertising "first night", the capital and liquidity pressures of advertisers, also has a mother’s words and rules, Papi sauce style may continue, the content may be interesting, but it must be after a slight rectification, both to achieve commercial change >

look, this has reached ten percent.

some netizens commented: "Luo fat can ah, forced rectification, offline can also shoot so much money!" can not refuse ah!


who was senior Kazakhstan

rich self willed, whether it will affect some user experience or worth mentioning, we have to admit is: Papi sauce chic on the road to realize, and you and I are still looking at scripts, knock words……

when I visited Amazon, I saw a lot of books, and I thought I was a Book station. I registered the domain name, which means the best book introduction in 200X. Then I manually arranged some of the better books on Amazon, as well as some high priced professional data, prices, introduction, pictures, and I rewrote the presentation with The Best Spinner. Find someone to make a WORDPRESS magzine class template, began to stand, release a certain amount of books every day, at first it was bitter. My collection and this station does not make any difference, the main thing is that I do fine points, typesetting what is good, I am in accordance with the idea of the only teacher of the station, the optimization of the whole station, inside the chain, chain, and the like. Later, every day update is also more, included has been good, traffic in a month after breaking 500IP/ days, the chain I mainly to the main station, and then added some PROFILE. Operation to now also has six months time, the daily flow in shlf1314, February 24th, codenamed panda adjustment in the big increase, can reach 5000IP/ days, conversion rate of about ten percent. note here that shlf1314 may be sensitive to AFF links and can do clock

As for the


AMAZON AFF seems to have more than ten years, it probably started in 96 years, it can be said that it is AFF achievements AMAZON. Well, nonsense, then I asked a few American friends, and found that the popularity and utilization rate of Amazon in the United States is very high, so basically solve the problem of conversion rate. Amazon has high credibility and perfect logistics system in the United States, which will allow you a single rate of return less, reminder: commissionable Amazon is the first 4%, the more you sell for more money, every month is starting from four percent

to sell advertising will not fire? The road is long, always encounter various obstacles, named after the rectification of radio Papi sauce Papi sauce 10w+ video is still reading, 2W+ reward, leave you stay, stay in your own way to achieve commercial realization "". If the content is really deep I love, plus advertising can drive away how much powder, even if it is powder, do not have a wave of core powder faithful realization


on April 21st afternoon, Papi sauce video advertising auction officially carried out, and finally to 22 million of the high price flower beauty Li makeup.

auction drop hammer, everything is just starting

investment chiefs accounted for the initiative, the younger brother unhappy, keeps talking.

half a year of fame, the original short video Papi sauce, an older female youth, looks good but a grass root appearance, the reality of life made a little tongue Tucao and comment, humorous style and.

auction, he mentioned a "people who feel concerned about business". In fact, this is the product of the Internet in the present situation. Take the feelings to win IP, and then use IP for the reality of "bread", which tube you pure feeling, or too realistic, I always feel bread, two hands.


has experienced the investment of mind thinking, the name and rectification of SARFT, Papi sauce or high-profile auction, high-profile attracted attention of the network circle,

also has friends said: "scared me to hurry in WeChat Papi sauce off ~ I do not want to look at advertising.".

sound is very diverse: at this time of all the smart people, the scandal effect, the company immediately fire, which is much better than advertising content.

sells ads and fires,

contact English SEO more than half a year, with a lot of emotion, was also passionate in this line of business. However, the reality is often cruel, and the number of traffic in the Chinese station is too low for a few days. Persist for more than a month, it will be discouraged, video is possible, competition is relatively large. For some time, often around AMAZONU.S. Amazon to buy a few things, such as clothes, trousers, cosmetics, milk powder what, I found the Amazon commissionable project:, we usually say is CPS, Taobao off a little like him


capital accession, the rectification of radio and television, coupled with the entry of advertisers, you want Papi sauce is still the way it used to be? Ha ha, the answer is naturally impossible.

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