You must know about the index of the amount of things

: index data to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform index tool as the standard, SITE is only

site is Baiduspider grab included, after a series of plans to be built into the index library, and have the opportunity to meet the user search. So, the index has been the focus of attention of the owners, but we found that there are still many misunderstandings on the index of the amount of the webmaster. So, sorting out some common problems, to correct some erroneous views.


error: index increases, the flow will reduce the amount of traffic; index, risk

: when the flow changes, the index data can be used as one of the channels of investigation and the reasons for the rest of the time, there is no need to pay attention to every day

is divided into several levels: the index amount, enter the upper index database can have more opportunities to meet users and search; enter lower base chance. So, to increase the overall volume index reduction does not explain the flow of what will change

error: the index can only increase

error: webmaster can query through the site site included

is the index amount minus 10%, or more, are likely to be normal. As long as the flow changes little without tension.

error: every webmaster should check the index data that do not meet the expected change in feedback


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