The new station included tens of thousands a month 3 months included detailed 100 thousand methods

3, the appropriate title change. Take one topic as an example. The original composition is: natural complex; < Title > the optimized composition is: natural complex composition 400 words, 500 words | final composition natural complex of 600 words, 800 words | it; < H1; > optimization of the essay topic is: "the final composition natural complex. The appropriate change of the title is our acquisition station the most basic things to do, because it can make your article have a little difference with the original article, also is equivalent to the pseudo original meaning inside. At the same time to the original text, your site articles began to give people a new feeling, make people want to open the idea of increased traffic to your site in order to, in the collection of your site is very favorable. Of course, you can also replace the use of keywords, but personally feel that this will affect the user’s experience.


let me introduce how to do this:

. Optimize the content of two points, one is the optimization of description, another is the pseudo original. Some people say can also increase.

1, first of all, in your website is not online at the time on the Internet to find 5 to 6 can be collected by the composition station, analyse their website classification structure, and then combined with the actual classification given their own. The following is my classification: [the first grade and the second grade, the third grade, the fourth grade, the fifth grade and the sixth grade, junior, junior and senior high school, prose, essays, material, essay, human narrative, scenery, writing, imagination, lyric, fairy tales, diary Zhou Ji, letters, argumentative, expository writing, writing, reading, topic, English, mid-term and final]. Due to personal preferences, I have collected [] – [primary school] [three – year composition directory packet writing composition], instead of using a directory, so you can maximize the composition can be adapted to other stations, all the data they have collected.

4, optimize the content

2, as 1 said, collected from one station to collect, to decentralized collection, collection site more better, if only from one station to collect, love Shanghai, Google will take your station as the collection station or is a mirror of other sites, this will reduce your website’s weight. Is your last The loss outweighs the gain.

believes that there are a lot of stationmaster net webmaster do collection station, we all know that acquisition station is copied other website articles (of course is through the acquisition of a large collection of tools), to generate a large number of static page, I have one composition website (the smell in the heart as worldcn) were collected on the Internet, most the composition optimization for more than 3 months now included fast 150 thousand. Get a picture for everyone to see. In November 15, 2011 included


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