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I recently contact "ride cool bike" is a "Car + lock + WeChat small program + bicycle cloud platform" one-stop shared bicycle incubator platform, the platform by bicycle, intelligent car lock, bicycle sharing cloud platform and a WeChat program combine to make simple, Qu Daoshang fast and low cost of on-line shared bicycle project.

a lot of people have the ability to engage in Wangzhuan innovation in Europe and other developed countries so strong, but there are also some of the elite will be based on our own characteristics of Internet users a lot of innovation for the website, such as the previous network real name, and in recent years the popular navigation station and so are their own innovation, there is a visible the innovation of the brain is very important, of course, not to say that you will not be able not innovation from.

sharing bike area is still in the initial stage of development, that is to say, almost all brands of bicycles are self-produced, belonging to the heavy asset model, has not yet achieved truly shared by the user, platform operation mode. Mobell cycling selection of independent design and production style, the vehicle was redesigned, the manufacturing cost is relatively large, classic cars in about 2000; ofo is relatively close to the people, the use of traditional bicycle manufacturers capacity advantage, large-scale manufacturing cost of ordinary bicycle at around 300 yuan, to gain market share at the scale of the car. Heavy assets model can production control firmly in the hands of the enterprise, facing the huge national market, heavy asset mode will bring more high operating costs and operating risk, even drops could not do all network about cars provided by the platform, the transition to asset light model taxi platform.

do Wangzhuan is must embrace life-long learning attitude can, many projects are often Wangzhuan on time, for example, now this time popular group purchase, so many people go to the group purchase will be tomorrow, perhaps other popular model to make money, if you can not in the first time inside the society, so it becomes difficult to earn a pot of gold! So successful Wangzhuan master learning ability is very strong

is through the Internet to make money online, including a wide range, but the real fun Internet or a few people, this is the Wangzhuan master, so how to become a true sense of the Wangzhuan master it? To analyze the existing Wangzhuan master who, in my analysis summed up six kinds of feature are the following: Wangzhuan master

remember Mr. Ma had reviewed their success, that is to insist again, also for the development of the website of tomorrow is dark, the day after tomorrow too, but to your site will be acquired from an ugly duckling into a swan, but most of the sites are not live until the day after tomorrow night, that is to say a lot of people can not stick to the end, and the success of Ma insisted, in the winter of the Internet is approaching no retreat, so he became a successful Wangzhuan master! Of course to successful people like Mr. Ma is very rare, but we can learn his spirit, even if it is not able to obtain the effect of 1/10, with one percent you are a successful Wangzhuan master

According to the ratio of Ride a bicycle

1: a wide range of relationships,


if you want to make money, we must first make friends, to learn how to communicate with strangers, don’t wait until there are problems when go for others, in the usual time if you can communicate more slowly, you will find that your contacts have become more and more widely, and people often means that money do Wangzhuan pulse! So, on the network to make friends, add some industry groups, such as SEO group, the webmaster group and so on, here you can encounter a variety of Wangzhuan master, and through their mutual acquaintance and help you naturally can slowly change as Wangzhuan master, the so-called Like attracts like. when Birds of a feather flock together.! The real master often under you have a team you become, you can let others give you money to work, and you do is find them live

three: have faith not to give up

reported that China shared bike market has experienced three stages of development. The rise of 2007-2010 is dominated by the government divided city management mode of the first pile cycling stage; the second stage is 2010-2014 years in Yongan to act on behalf of the enterprise contract market cycle mode; the third stage is since 2014 to Mobell bicycle led without pile type Internet sharing cycling mode.

The so-called ! means something new !

in application scenarios, ride >

released the "2016 Chinese bike sharing Market Research Report", the National Bicycle share nearly 20 million subscribers, is expected in 2017 the number of users will increase significantly, reached 49 million 650 thousand, an increase of 163.2%. A bicycle market share nearly half a billion users, daily orders will exceed 10 million, has become a new traffic entrance. At present, the market is dominated mainly by bike sharing two v-mobile and ofo, the two together accounted for the current market share of 91%, a total of more than 1 million 300 thousand cars on the bike. In addition to the two giants, the new incoming who constantly, including blue bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, Wukong Hello Xiaoming cycling.

two: continuous learning,

cool CEO Li Jiwei told krypton 36, team from Tsinghua University and North Polytechnic, this one-stop platform which lasted more than a year of research and development, with independent intellectual property rights, the completion of the development of mould products already on the line, and the supply chain supporting system, with production capacity. Its intelligent lock function integrates GPS/ Beidou, intelligent voice and Bluetooth 4.2, dynamic password, anti-theft alarm, solar charging and other functions. Its bike cloud platform functions include agent management, fund management, customer management, vehicle monitoring, business reports, red packets promotions, activity management, etc..


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