The original routine is so simple

1. browse relevant forums or blogs, such as source material of this station is usually some Shanghai dragon forum or blog, like Shanghai stationmaster Institute, the owners of the home, A5 business network, search forum, Shanghai dragon day stickers, Lu Songsong blog and so on, these places will be updated on a daily basis related to the latest the article and colleagues of the original article, can provide a lot of material as well as the direction of thinking for us.

for each website optimization personnel are not difficult, what is difficult? There is no content can be written, so the difficulty is not in the original writing, but in the original material collection, as long as there is enough material, don’t say that every day a original, every day is ten is no problem. So the next question is how to collect the materials and how to write the content.

1. as our first point in the forum or blog famous collection of material, the written content is often widespread problems in the industry or the user’s attention, we only need to combine these problems to write their own thoughts or views, or the writing personal interpretation, that one is not to the original words it.


3. news platform and WeChat marketing public platform, we do a lot of websites are local websites or an industry website, we can get to the area or the industry news in the news platform; or get some hot spots in WeChat and use some of the marketing public platform, these are very time sensitive material.

2. and second, for myself, in the Shanghai dragon related QQ group or encounter WeChat group where people are high.


, you really puzzled write original

In fact, the original

site optimization is a long process, and the layout of the site and structure optimization are real-time operation of things, but the long-term website content is often the main work of Shanghai dragon Er, often spend a lot of time. Because the search engine is more and more high requirements on the quality of the article, a day to take the shot of the original is hard on all site optimization personnel, but, as time goes by really spit brains a little ink, so today to share how to write original.

more than three obtained material enough to meet the daily original, as long as we use them to create a boutique original be nothing difficult.

2. in the QQ group or WeChat group and related forums and colleagues for discussion and exchange, in fact, often encounter many problems and debates in these places, or whether we are summing up others involved in communication, in-depth thinking can always gain a lot.

three, the ingenious combination of create quality original

two, the collection of material is as simple as

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