Use the Shanghai dragon three blog ranking of the first page

said the blog interaction is our webmaster must not be lazy, in addition to his blog set up outside, some interaction is a must. A good blog not to indulge in self-admiration, we need to make more interactive information and content to go out, have the opportunity to be more people see, if the effect is not satisfactory just behind closed doors. 8U network promotion in the actual work will pay more attention to this point. Blog visits and related concerns can help us bring some popularity, and the cumulative amount of early popularity will help us eventually bring about a qualitative change. 8U network to promote their own blog from the original to the present day No one shows any interest in, a lot of visitors is a good proof that the network interaction is very important in Shanghai dragon in.

blog a lot of time for the webmaster is a good place to put outside the chain, but with micro-blog and more new network promotion new way, we will find the importance and the weight of the blog seems to have fallen. But the so-called spicy ginger or old, blog still has very high weight, is also publicizing information and build a network brand promotion means must. 8U China today Xiaobian and talk about how to blog several methods to the front rank, and everyone together.

, the 2 is to enhance the chain and leverage

1, the content of high quality is the first step to create excellent blog

blog content, the high quality of the chain is another evaluation index to get good rankings and the PR value high. Is the same for Adsense website when. Chinese the small 8U over time showed that if you compare with a ranking of the website links, so that a search engine will also have a mechanism to statistics from your visit in the chain, large and small, outside the chain of high quality combination also helps to improve the ranking of each station. Practical experience 8U network promotion, we also have to admit that there are some well-known sites in Links and with advertisers, will pay attention to the site’s ranking.

In the premise of

search engine has always attached great importance to the content, and the content is to pay attention to collection of blogs. How to be a search engine and timely capture and retain visitors, no substantive content is tempted to test. In the blog to publish their own information at the same time, but also to better user experience, good interaction with others to achieve their own blog blog, also helps the intention client access.

4, go to blog rankingIn addition to the In fact,

of course, outside the chain to get high quality, we also need to find some good sites and through the release of some high quality soft link. If it is like China 8U (贵族宝贝 as some network promotion or website of the article, we can find some Adsense nets or A5 website.

3, strengthen the interaction in order to win the popular



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