Website promotion must pay attention to the network information security protection ordinance


service to open, Cheng Yi immediately check the illegal information, the content is:



back to normal in last night, because the night by examining the content, also didn’t update, today found snapshots back to June 18, a snapshot of yesterday is still 27, depressed! It seems a moment caused by the impact is relatively large, also shows that the snapshot and so on. That is not the whole search engine to go wrong that should have their own website reasons.


After the

should be the message to police complaints, at present have been properly handled, hope you can also note that after the regulations on the protection of information security aspects, so as to avoid the trouble of

site after being closed for nearly 6 hours, we suddenly found that grassroots webmaster how vulnerable to police complaints ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ sincere and humbly accept, but for taking the way of doing things very dissatisfied, there are others too, the police complaint is true, but we need to know the webmaster, check. Within the specified time or shut down, this should be our mutual respect! Taking sincere selection in the last year has been a big problem, see the "end of the tragedy: the loss of space website one month data" one article, ended up properly handle the space business. Station and space business, how to get along with

Look at the pictures:

put down the phone immediately contact the sales of MM, from the above results, the ability to sign in MM service friendly attitude and fast processing, temporarily are not going to complain the technician. But the technician Cheng Yi in the space business is very satisfied, at least as technicians, did not notice in the service before closing the occupation ethics needs to be improved, the phone actually describe the problem that is not clear, I caused great indignation. Don’t do technology to do Shanghai dragon is stereotyping? Impossible!

has no friends encountered similar things? Is how to deal with, I hope.


is currently in order to avoid trouble, and the space has been shielded from this page, Cheng Yi has this page to delete, but there is no security information, illegal information is in the message inside, because of careless and sincere unprocessed information:

PR recently updated believe is a great pleasure to many friends, Cheng Yi Guangzhou Shanghai dragon blog not how awesome, only from PR0 to PR1, yet fortunately when the site was suddenly closed, receiving the space business telephone yesterday, said my website was police complaints, has stopped the service, I asked the other is how to cause complaints that guy say illegal information, say no record, are nonsense, my station is the record, that guy may have prejudices, very friendly attitude, let Cheng Yi a bit uncomfortable ~

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