Teach you to avoid being punished site outside the chain of garbage

we’ll see a link is not spam links, from the user’s point of view is correct, we need to look at this link we do for users, can not meet the demand that he his click, browse the content after the US >


A common

2. site automation propaganda tool

4. hidden links

of each chain are life cycle, the site of some long, some short, very short life cycle that links to our website is spam links, such as sending our posts bring personalized signature links, the total included each forum is not too big change, increase the number of pages per day will be deleted a lot of pages, if we chain mostly such character signature, so it would be easy to be defined as spam links.

chain for the website function is gradually decreased, but a chain is also indispensable in the optimization process, we know that the rubbish link to our site damage is quite large, love Shanghai for link spam recognition technology is more and more high, before we do the work to make it clear that what is know how to identify link spam spam links, so that we can ensure that we do not waste the chain link, ensure that our website is search engine punishment, faster to get keywords ranking, today to share with you how to identify spam links.

two, how to avoid spam links

Although the

sometimes we go outside the chain will find us links or anchor text on many platforms, but click on the website source code to find that we keep these links are after the jump to reach the final site, many of which are 302 temporary redirect, these links are not to jump the weight transfer, should be called the invalid link, Alibaba, etc. These appeared Soso Ask the invalid link.

a lot of people do when the chain, in the posts or articles inside the anchor text color settings and other contents of the same color and size of the pixels are disposed as usual, so that when users browse simply can not find. The search engine has identified the contact link for spam links, because this is a technique of cheating.

1. invalid hyperlink

is the site automation propaganda tool that can bring to the site in the chain, in fact, the chain is to use this tool to your domain name to many Webmaster Tools similar to the same website to query, leaving a page, this can be a search engine to identify the chain, the chain is a typical spam links, if we do such links, will cause a big blow to the site.

3. is a very short life cycle of the link

, several spam links


1. of users have used

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