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. There is a webmaster and I have consultation on the construction site, in which he emphasized the importance of more content for the website marketing. In his opinion, the website search engine ranking on the degree of its decision to provide online user service and his competitive advantage. In my opinion, his views are biased.

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wishful thinking that only big and complete, all professional website builder, with all professional questions have been satisfactorily answered the principle, which I do not know, "

to the webmaster explained, first content for the website operation is very important. But this does not mean that the content will be able to attract the user’s eye. Out of the search engine, which can bring more long tail users, but blindly around the content of keywords, flashy without substance is not desirable. Should not only constitute the content of the website construction by keywords.


, website operators "big and complete, complete professional" point of view, I beg to differ. Many web site operators are expected to achieve this goal: users came to their website, patrons can solve all the problems, whether anyone can be smoothly done or easily solved. This is obviously not realistic. The content system of enterprise website should be concise, clear. According to the characters of the enterprise, they remain capable of supporting core service, to attract potential users of eyeball content is enough.

site construction will encounter many problems, and said in a recent survey, "there is no content can write" almost all the voices of enterprise website. Many editors hollowing out of mind to copy someone else’s article, revise their own articles, although busy every day but was scorched by the flames, hardly what effect. They don’t have time to go to first-line experience to understand the user’s feelings, in their eyes, important is not the quality, but the number of. The absolute number is advantage in their opinion.

. First of all, from the user’s point of view, concise content is the best. Twenty-first Century is the high-speed information explosion era, every kind of information filled in every corner of people’s life. Excessive marketing meet the eye everywhere. At this time, the content is very detailed too trivial, cover the topic content of the website. Too much content to let users dizzy, can not find the key to the website, naturally lose interest. Of course, you can also use the search. But the need to remind you that many of the search out is a lot of information is of no great importance. Because there is too much information inevitably leads to repeat, so users can not through this way to find information, thus increasing the cost of their choice, wasting their time, so the probability will be their two visit this site to reduce.


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