The fastest way to drainage from the view of popular events

is not a free piece of information can have good rankings. How to make the good rankings? High weight platform is the first condition, the second is the manufacture of high rank conditions is the most simple keyword stack, familiar with the Shanghai dragon people know this. For example, the following article page appeared 20 times keywords. There are pictures and the truth, then can produce a high ranking post, must also consider the post conversion rate. Now many people’s practices are quite similar, the map can clearly display.

year Olympic Games is a thing of attention, in the past we can watch the game on TV, but in the Internet era, many people will directly go online to get the latest information. Love the Shanghai news and the major portals have opened a special "2012 London Olympics" column, love Shanghai billboard also keep pace with the times with the "Fengyun Olympic Games" list. Mobile TV, outdoor advertising is all relevant information of the Olympic games. This time, many video sites are using the Olympics to make hot flow. The weight is not high site can also use the Olympic Games and the search engine to flow into the hot spot. The following is about how to operate.

three, manufacturing can have high ranking posts in the high weight Forum;

two, select high weight platform;

not all adjectives can be used to do traffic, provided the 2 points: the heat and the degree of competition. Heat can refer to love Shanghai billboard, love Shanghai index data. According to billboard information, expand some events to query words, love Shanghai index related words. See these words in the search engine results at the same time, some degree of competition in the smaller vocabulary. This part can’t, the webmaster can clear the keyword analysis.

the weight of the high platform will let you have a good ranking of keywords. Not all high weight platform allows you to post links, but there is always a fish escaped through the seine. How to choose the reference to other people, you can also operate in the corresponding platform. For example, the query of the word "dive in the women’s 3 metre springboard finals today", the 2K index, the upward trend. Love Shanghai search results, the first is love Shanghai video, second is the relevant information, the third is a video site, the fourth is the river forum, the fifth is mop贵族宝贝, five the rest is news. In addition to the river outside the forum, many people also use small shrimp nets to do Olympic vocabulary ranking. This is really a quick way to flow.


three can let you get access to a high flow method, but this method have some disadvantages: you have to worry about the survival rate of post and post stability, once you delete or ranking >

technique is good, please think twice;

Below is the

, a class of Olympic keywords data analysis;

8.7 query data:

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