Shanghai dragon for spam sites like the pig daughter in law get worse

a few days ago, Shao Lianhu was asked such a question. I don’t want to be famous website without it. I said Shanghai, the general site will need to use. I know what Shanghai Longfeng people on the site to see is a blog, but her blog for a child of her children to write, mainly is the record of her child’s growing things every day. I know her this website does not need Shanghai Longfeng. Because of her blog just gave her the gifts to the children, children’s growth record. It’s not like we want to use the site to earn money. So, do not need to use the Shanghai dragon.

what kind of website is not suitable for Shanghai dragon

Description: Here "not suitable" three words is not a little knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng do not have, but not every day for Shanghai dragon to promote website.


just learning Shanghai dragon in Shao Lianhu, I think Shanghai is dragon web site service. As long as the site must be used at that time. Shanghai dragon made a Pizhou making my own net. At that time Pizhou had a net making me this. I ask, I use Shanghai dragon how to optimize the site, where to improve website rankings. In fact, I don’t have my Shanghai Longfeng site is also ranked first. Because there is no competition with me. So we don’t need to do the site by Shanghai dragon method to promote website. All day check included, check the chain, do keyword ranking. We just need to do the site’s content, brand promotion you can.

summary: Shanghai dragon may not be suitable for all sites. Shanghai dragon network promotion is the only method for it. No Shanghai dragon website can live very natural. As a forum for the promotion, classified information network, WeChat, social networking platform promotion method is also not wrong. So, to find a suitable network promotion his method is the most important. Although the Shanghai dragon is crazy, but not necessarily for you.

is now more e-commerce personnel. They are usually sells some clothing, shoes, bags and so on. Of course, some do website. If it is a large company has their funds, do a website using the Shanghai Dragon technology is a very good choice. But for some small businesses there is really something to eat no. With so much time to study, to analyze the website rather than using other methods to promote.

? ?

1, there is no competition website

Shanghai Dragon good by a lot of people say very magical, like the monkey, it is equal to anything. But I what is Shanghai dragon, is he really suitable for all sites? Is not all for the site of Shanghai dragon will like what they say is the website ranking, search Pastebin. Can bring a lot of free traffic from search engine

3, part of the sales of some small class website

2, do not want to be famous website

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