Nothing ventured nothing gained those of the secret secret training industry

three: shady teacher teaching

two: shady guarantee employment

I believe that friends will often receive such a message: at half past eight tonight we have free training Shanghai dragon, you come? The name of free flags have come to lectures, in fact are the most basic things, just to find Shanghai Longfeng articles on the Internet, he can put a story to the night summary. But for the Shanghai dragon white is very attractive, learned that get great cheats, determined to send the chain, do the quiz platform, classification information promotion. The training industry is to this part of the people, through further "induced" and allow them to participate in the training fee. There is a saying that good, free is the most expensive, do you think the sky dropped a pie, but it is a trap.

: a shady free training

cheating, we spent so much money to learn some skills, don’t you free, don’t you work, is to let you can teach us something useful. But the reality is what? – not how some training institutions invited teachers, and even find some direct Shanghai dragon to teach, and then give a very Niubi background and packaging, XXX is a well-known site of the Shanghai dragon is the director or the general manager of operations. Some outdated or is based just to deceive students really want to distinguish very simple, find training to find those well-known institutions, the instructor is the name for having heard it many times.

have to say that the promotion personnel is really full of hard work, the psychological study of people very thorough. Whether the group or forum, have a lot of friends did not work, they will seize the pain point, pocketed the gimmick: in our training, ensure the recommended employment! Good, this commitment will generally deliver, but what is it? There are many medical stations or enterprise station bitter force chain specialist. So many job training institutions which come from? Is the high tuition to take a part to the enterprise, and then graduated to there, a monthly salary of 1200 dollars, the internship period had to leave, eventually cry or we pay high tuition fees for students.

is actually a lot of Shanghai dragon er or network promotion personnel are solid, or forced to live, or is very optimistic about the prospects for the industry. But the biggest problem is they do not understand technology, do not know how to do? Do not understand to learn ah, this breed now online is the fire a profession training. Today there is a friend asked me: I want to learn Shanghai dragon and network marketing, but don’t know which one to join the training? This question is difficult to answer me, because now the training market is too messy, full of false propaganda too much. In order to make friends in this city to avoid deception, take big condemnation of the "report of the training industry inside, not for any organization, just say! Because the city also participated in a lot of training," go "so said there are still certain facts for the

! In fact, this is the most

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