Four aspects of sharing skills of signal to noise ratio

third, try to remove or reduce notes, in many sites, notes is a very important part, it can help the programmer good two times the development of guidance and support, but if the web page code in each line has a comment, it will also affect the open web page response time. In addition, in the Shanghai dragon’s point of view, these annotations for search engines without what special use, just add some noise.


second, some common functions are packaged calls, such as the general ASP website, to obtain news and information, message, the content can be packaged, packaged into a function package, when needed can be called directly, so as to minimize unnecessary redundant code. For CSS and JS is even more so, under normal circumstances are stored separately, in need not call. Try not to take long JS code or CSS style on the page.

summary of the common techniques of

First, use the CSS attribute

styles to define page elements, such as font, color, size and page layout. Some sites use CSS style is defined, at the same time "used in some style to repeat the definition, or is part of the use of CSS style, the other part directly in the web page are defined, although this can also achieve the ultimate effect, but will undoubtedly provide high code page number.

search engines crawl the web, the first step is to extract the text content of the web page, and will not crawl the web page code, so the first filter to extract the text content, the code for the text is noise, improve SNR is reduced code, so as to improve the proportion of text. For example, we usually common B2C mall, because the picture is more, few words, plus the functional requirements are more abundant, so the optimization difficulty is quite large, which improve the signal-to-noise ratio in Shanghai is a basis of the dragon.

usually do in Shanghai Longfeng, some words often hear is Links, external links or original content, these are indeed very important, but also the core of Shanghai Longfeng optimization process. But in addition, there are some aspects worthy of our attention, such as page layout, page code, loading rate will also influence on the ranking of products. So today and share some of Shanghai Longfeng details of my own experience, that is to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of web page, the web page code streamline.

what is the signal-to-noise ratio

fourth, reduce the use of forms, now many websites have adopted the DIV+CSS to the layout, this is a very good code fine simplified way. The use of DIV layout in size was significantly less than that of the table layout page loading speed also has more advantages. For the table, if it is multi nested, so that a search engine will be very good for grasping the content inside. Of course, not to say.

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