Discussion several traffic entrance enterprise website promotion to hold

enterprise search engine marketing focus in many enterprises, basically more than 70% of the business from the network, and the network 80% from search. Like Shanghai that advertisement word, search marketing change.

we all see the classified information website continues to rise, the classification of information website of Shanghai dragon also do a very powerful, very low industry segments where love Shanghai they have been firmly occupy the first page.

now there are many webmaster Chinese millions of Shanghai dragon staff, they are like ants climbing, with the change of love Shanghai huge monster algorithm, and changing ideas, a lot of Shanghai dragon elite has received a lot of traffic and revenue take cities and seize territory.

2. community life subdivision requirements gathering area

two, classified information and vertical community life site entrance

3. long tail keywords station group

local community gathered a large number of people.

2. Shanghai Dragon – Search Engine Optimization

classified information covering the basic essential information of all kinds of life, they are the timeliness of information. Such as rent, part-time and other classified information, classified information generally have strong resources and cooperation, the website weight is very high, many small companies, rely on the release of classified information from business can survive stable.

1. love Shanghai bidding

love Shanghai data revealed that the average consumer cost of bidding a customer is 14 thousand, Chinese about 200000 many small and medium enterprises choose to love Shanghai. But many small and medium-sized enterprises can’t bear the love in Shanghai tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of bidding selection input, the relatively low cost of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon also bring many small enterprises of many single product sales.

now pay attention to network marketing businesses are interested in bidding auction Shanghai love Shanghai, love although burn, but the effect is awesome. If there is a good application and adjustment of key words, learn to analyze the phoenix nest, can also get more lucrative returns.

website promotion to hold, recently in a traditional enterprise to do network promotion, discussion and analysis of the customer over the channel, summarizes several traffic entrance enterprises website promotion to hold, and share with you.

, most from the search entrance

station group, insiders know that all network is done up. This can give an example to illustrate, do a lot of weight loss products, they are in a word such as "the most effective weight-loss drug" to "lose weight" list "the fastest weight-loss drug" and so on to do long tail keywords, set a program template, the appropriate optimization, do a few websites, the cost is very low however, you can also sell hundreds of thousands.

1. classification information website timeliness and high weight of

Several traffic entrance

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