Examples of the new sites for ranking factors

A, the site as a whole. Including the website home page framework and layout. It should be from the perspective of enhancing customer experience design, to the enterprise station, including the site of the home page navigation bar, website products (case) pictures, articles, Links, contact and bottom content etc.. The following figure:


C, URL path optimization. "The URL path name on the page is shorter, the correlation is stronger, more friendly to search engines. About URL the length of this should be all well understood, small this is mainly about the path name to the page relevance is what mean. For example, Hunan push site navigation inside there is a "company", "services" and "Shanghai Dragon School", "Shanghai dragon experience", "website case" and "contact us" of these six columns, these columns corresponding to the path (with a relative path for example) are " and /jianjie"; " /fuwu" " /xuexi" " /jingyan" " /anli" " /lanxi". Shanghai take the path of love within three words Chinese pinyin is better, Google in English words is appropriate. Path URL as "the enterprise website optimization scheme of writing a paper for the eight elements" >

Hello, I am Hunan Shanghai dragon Kiness. Today Xiaobian share is what factors affect keyword ranking. We know of the new station, both in the richness of the content on the website or the number of external links on the site; time; included in the site, the weight of the old station in absolute disadvantage relative to other search engines to the railway station, there is a period of observation, for example the sandbox effect observation period and Google love Shanghai the. Then new situation so bad, how to optimize, let your keywords in the search engines have a good rankings? Xiaobian to push Hunan as an example, the main structure and the external links from the site within the two aspects of analysis. Hunan Shanghai Longfeng attached comprehensive query site maps and keyword ranking chart for reference.

, a website of the internal structure of

B, the breadcrumb path design. What is the breadcrumb path? Here with the same small pictures that are as follows:



red line: "Hunan > Shanghai Longfeng experience > of writing enterprise website optimization scheme of eight elements" is the breadcrumb path. This design not only to customers at a glance to the structure of the web site, enhance the experience, more important is very friendly to the search engine.

The framework design of


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