Fish share occupied several high quality chain resources

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said the high quality chain, we will have to talk about the love of Shanghai opened their own products, love Shanghai, just above the search keywords, we will find that ranked the forefront of almost all love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Post Bar know Shanghai encyclopedia products, these products of their own weight is extremely high, so long as in the top left your connection is of great help to the website. But the more precious things are rare, this is indeed the case, at present these products want to stay connected is not was so easy, but there is a way to stay connected, will have to learn some skills about it, I will write out the detailed techniques introduced in the next article in

and Wikipedia soso in addition to a good outside chain resources, know and love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia above about, but because of the difficulty is relatively large, so it is not recommended, but what kind of search is different, with respect to the love of Shanghai, the construction of the chain in soso products would be easier. But I give you advice, although good, but still not too many one-time construction, easy to cause the search engine to be suspected, gained nothing anti-corrosion one meter! What have to have a degree, I suggest is regularly do some day, few can be

network favorites is a good resource, the author used a collection of love Shanghai and Tencent and Cape of Good Hope, these are doing better favorites website, because is the old station, the weight did not feel exactly the same, so we can be assured, but said above, what must have a every day, several

a little about Shanghai Longfeng paper Station friends all know, outside the chain of the rankings and the weight of the website keyword have played a decisive role, of course, here I am referring to the high quality of the chain, a lot of friends in the construction of the chain only weight and rarely see heavy, but "I think the quality of the word" must have it be regarded as quality. Today a fish to share a high weight of the chain resources use, hope this will not suffer from the chain resources to help a friend

forum is also a good construction outside the chain of resources, of course is not to say what BBS, the suggestion is to find high weight forum Jianwai chain and their own website content, do good. The author used Forum: A5 forum, the laggards, 28 forum, Ruili, the forum weight is very high, but note that these forums have manual review posts, not recommended for posting machine and direct left in the post connection, not only in this (as is usually deleted immediately), but also lead to the title of danger, so now that we want the stability of the chain, can

chain construction is not a short duration of time that it takes a long-term effort to obtain satisfactory results, so don’t three days fishing nets two days of drying, the rainbow auxiliary network 贵族宝贝w>

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