Site traffic is not the higher the better accurate flow is the key


site is favored by the users, from the user can see clues in the residence time of our site and the bounce rate, bounce rate is very high, it can be concluded that the site user experience is not good, not the content of low quality. This is our common view, but in fact it is not only so, guide an unrelated users into our website, and timely content quality high, bounce rate is also very high, because these are not related to the content of visitors we have no interest in the flow, we can call it "the edge of the flow". This flow is an inaccurate flow, the fixing we can simply say that it is for visitors to our site and not by the subjective choice, but by some means to guide, according to the experience of the edge flow can be divided into the following types.

First, the use of

second, click on the way to increase the flow of

through the analysis and observation of a lot of friends that the flow of the site for the site the higher the more good, so many webmaster to promote the site in the QQ group, YY group and other chat platform hard propaganda, attract others to help you, for the information in the general click inside, glanced off the page I want to have a lot of friends, I will do more. This propaganda initiative is certainly, but we need to face a problem, a lot of people in the open web site after the busy other things go, but if the station in the construction of the chain do not good, there are few continue browsing habits. But these only one click traffic will greatly enhance the site’s jump out rate, but the site’s jump out rate affects our optimization, the author thinks that if a website jump out rate of more than 60% we will need a good review of the station structure of propaganda, the construction of the chain, the quality of the content, whether it can be further improved.


chat platform publicity to attract click

website traffic has been a lot of Shanghai dragon Er to optimize the final purpose, because a website if you want to get profit, we need to flow as a basis, no matter what the site, under certain conditions, the flow can be said to be proportional to income and, let us mention site traffic in addition to the aid of Shanghai dragon outside, also can use other promotion way, but with the upgrade of the search engine algorithm constantly, each data sites are likely to be affected directly or indirectly to the site of the Shanghai dragon.

in the forum or blog we often go to the social platform, we often see some of the temptation to cheat other people click on their website information content, the form mainly in the end with "want to see more, please click" 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/ ", or directly issued an attractive picture, and then in the picture a" want to see more, please click "贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝//" watermark. While many owners open these links to find content and not their own.

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