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K, a lot of people will think that you may be because the site content is caused, can think of to modify the content of the website, here, Xiaobian have to remind the owners, when the site is k, not free to modify the content of the website, but because you are a blind, and start to love Shanghai you included, ab initio calculation, from editing to their database, it is tantamount to extend your time into a small dark room, so do not tamper with the content of the website, to find an antidote against the disease is the key reason as soon as possible.

When the site is

two, K

Tianjin website – the rate of scientific and technological small has been that the mentality of a personal life or work will have a great impact, especially in Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster, should maintain a good attitude, even if the site is K also do not be afraid, not hot tempered, don’t give up, founder your mind, don’t because the site was K the collapse of positive K station, to know that life is not always the Everything is going smoothly. unsatisfactory, there is always, but precisely because of these disappointments, so we will continue to grow.

to analysis the site is

at present, love Shanghai for station content importance is more and more high, love Shanghai tired of copy paste the contents of the article, only the new in order to be different theme, the high quality of the original article, in order to truly love Shanghai favorite search engine. In general, a pure original article may love Shanghai love Shanghai can reach the second effect, and a pseudo original or copy of the article, it depends on luck, so to create many pseudo original and spend a lot of time, as well as Jingxiaxinlai conscientiously write an article in this case, a cover 100, to release will see effect.

, maintain a good attitude

often engaged in Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster should have a web site by the experience of K, which refers to the site has reached the normal included state because of cheating or other reasons, like Shanghai and other search engines suddenly deleted all the web pages or just leave home. Also, the Internet has a lot of the webmaster to share website by treatment after K, although not all of the methods are effective, the same process is used in the two parts of the effect will be different, but no matter what it is helpful for the restoration included.

three, adhere to the original works published in

as the saying goes "should have fruit", when we love Shanghai site is k off must be a reason, love Shanghai search engine may not be punished It is without rhyme or reason. your site, so a careful analysis of existing status of their website, once found the lack of general correction. The site is generally K optimization excessive, are linked to the Trojan, cheating, details please see the Tianjin website – the official website of the article "website by K technology which factors influence".

four, not free to change the content of the website

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