Summarize the changes of 2013 in the first half of the search engines love Shanghai

After the launch of

2013 is destined to be an extraordinary year, in the first half of this year, the search engine has undergone a great change, believed to have been the end of July, we have to look at this more than half of the time, love Shanghai what kind of change, as Shanghai Longfeng personnel have been confused, you should to summarize, know change love Shanghai, one of the reasons for change, I believe you will get a great harvest. Change love Shanghai search engine it is not a coincidence, from the beginning of 2012 June, Shanghai began to love no longer stable since 2012 nearly more than 20% sites have experienced a lot of ups and downs, some even the whole point K has yet to recover, as for those half-dead website, it is beyond count.

from the beginning in 2013, Shanghai in the first week after the new love was introduced for the third hit the outside of the chain, this is a blow, let more webmaster began to feel the love Shanghai chain is no longer reliable, launched Scindapsus algorithm, let more Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel lost in the construction of the chain in the beginning to seek a new development direction and development goals. Scindapsus algorithm is based on the link site hit, the purchase of the chain has been the first choice of operation of Shanghai dragon, as a Shanghai Longfeng company or a Shanghai dragon team, not every day to release more high quality outside the chain, buy links, which can save money, but also province human, spend thousands of pieces of iron, you can buy a lot of high quality single link, and can make the website ranking beloved Shanghai home in a short period of time, because too many people spend money to do these things in, in the content construction, basically, the contents are not valued by the enterprise, more often, some technology this is completely copy the contents, but because the site has a large number of one-way links, also can have very good rankings. This is the chain for the emperor in the era of crazy Shanghai dragon. After the 2012 October Shanghai love the one for the chain after the blow, part of the station began to reflect, but does not completely prevent the sale link behavior, some sell link platform is still very active, and Scindapsus algorithm introduced directly to the buyers and sellers of the website are directly deweight, largely to solve the link behavior.

Scindapsus algorithm, then love Shanghai in March launched the original spark program and the origin algorithm. The on-line original spark program, let more Adsense begin to pay attention to construction of website content, original spark program, the original site more support, but the original spark program of the first support of those web sites are basically large portal, the portal website basically is the news source site. Like our small business website, basically not in love with Shanghai fayan. If to the point on the spark plan, seems to let the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng researchers began to have a little direction, began to create more original content on the website and the content of value, we can see that recently many websites are redesigned, including some large portal site. Maybe change >

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