The construction site outside the chain should be diversified

recently made a single product, follow the chain for the emperor’s purpose, engage in dozens of the chain, but the tragedy just happened, the site is in a special way to let love Shanghai for half an hour included, snapshots in 13 is, originally this site is No. 5 on the line in accordance with normal procedures, is on the line after submission of love in Shanghai, the result is I didn’t do it that way.

all I began to sum up the reason about the snapshot problem, after analysis the chain concluded that the site is too single, the consequences of such sub early love is the Shanghai website that is suspected of cheating, for a new station, suddenly came out so much outside the chain, and too concentrated and too suspicious, so I started to think we do outside the chain of time can realize the diversified way, that is in the whole chain process cannot be in a place to add.


forum signature is very good, but the chain are all in the signature of the place, is not reasonable, and the recent Shanghai looks like love is to give a chain for a forum, there is also just a signature chain N, so diversified research for site outside the chain is imperative my understanding is, in every corner of the Internet to leave your site for example traces, others site is the site of the Links website, signature image link, which is to achieve diversification of the website chain, so that the layout of the search engine is that it is reasonable, so the effect will be more

is ready to continue in the same way on time, the tragedy happened last night, love Shanghai update, snapshot site to 5, also is the time of the line on the website.

about the problem of the chain diversification, I can only think so much, after all I contact Shanghai dragon this thing is not for a long time, everyone who has what good methods and techniques and I welcome exchanges!! I QQ 1291249780 (industrious pig).


in Shanghai after love included, then I made nearly 30 chain in a community forum signature in the form of love, Shanghai is also very awesome, the day on the release of the 30 chain, after two days, I can not increase the chain, just go out and lead a day spider, the chain also have included the chain so that the entire site has been increased to 37.

the original 贵族宝贝sanwenge贵族宝贝, A5 first, reproduced indicate the source, thank you!

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