Talk about the destruction of traditional Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng unconventional means l

Shanghai dragon in the early time, various training advertisements, no matter which stationmaster industry website can see Shanghai dragon industry related with a variety of recruitment advertising, banner, enrollment, circle of people, all kinds of famous teachers and all kinds of brick big wet, Shanghai dragon training enrollment of less than the size of self enrollment now crazy. Shanghai Longfeng teacher training has a certain level of Shanghai, indeed, but do the training teacher are born grassroots, all kinds of Shanghai dragon training institutions are almost level, facing the huge demand crowd, but with a set of more than 90% similarity materials. This kind of teaching situation, confusion of the enrollment situation, it is to pass.


Shanghai Longfeng hot transfer training industry network marketing training industry


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Shanghai dragon, as long as there are people webmaster experience, not of the word is not strange, there is no distinction, no promotion according to status, in order of arrival, Shanghai dragon industry workers, only the law of the jungle, the reality is so cruel. Shanghai dragon industry is to get the strength to speak, ranking up is king, the rankings do not, please leave. Now with the popularity of Internet marketing, enterprises began to build the network marketing department and started to recruit Shanghai Longfeng treatment specialist, although in general, of Shanghai Longfeng industry demand but also solve a large part of the employment problem. This form of development, a number of people also affects the new Internet work, they may be more powerful, maybe some really good, fish in troubled waters, some really fooled, uneven in quality situation, let Shanghai dragon industry show abnormal impetuous, whether black or white, Shanghai dragon industry assessment is no longer the strength to speak, A new force suddenly rises. training industry, secret teaching wet brick home, the birth of all kinds of software fast ranking, Shanghai dragon industry integrity decreases, the algorithm adjusts the search engine itself, all kinds of advertisers for the popularization of SEM and the tendency to create interest raised money advertising, Shanghai dragon become hackneyed and stereotyped expressions. But the real question is, Shanghai dragon has become the object of search engine hit, in the eyes of search engines such as improper intercepted traffic behavior, the traditional means of Shanghai dragon has been unable to survive, and the days of fighting and teasing, and search engines make Shanghai dragon is like an endless enjoyment, terminator 2018 inside the rebel army, Shanghai the dragon has become the eyes of the search engines of the rebellion, traditional, old-fashioned, backward thinking, the so-called Shanghai white dragon, dead stranger. We once believed, all need money to build the Shanghai dragon unconventional means, has become a formal means now Shanghai dragon must, this era is not the chain of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon age, is not the original Shanghai dragon age, this is either money, or the competition of family background of Shanghai dragon age, Shanghai Dragon road of the development of capital requirements, technical requirements of the more and more high, the traditional Shanghai dragon fall.

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