As the Shanghai dragon rookie you should know how much Shanghai dragon skills

The so-called

execution is: my blog has said many times, if you want to be a Shanghai dragon must have good execution, not possible due.

as a dragon in Shanghai industry, for some Shanghai Longfeng terms I should still be as you understand? Say many beginners do not know even the anchor text on the blind to learn, so you learn Shanghai dragon road will feel a lot of pressure, I believe that you learn well but Shanghai dragon your school is just superficial, I am not here to say.

HTML is an indispensable part of Shanghai dragon, keywords layout, strategy adjustment cannot do without HTML, many changes, adjust the site when making it to the HTML, want to learn Shanghai dragon, first learn to HTML.

I believe that many schools in Shanghai Longfeng friends will encounter this problem, not your code is not bad in Shanghai dragon? Actually I had heard the word is, if not you learn Shanghai dragon HTML code technology may not be so good, or is deep enough or you slow understand some of Shanghai dragon code label will be very slow (H1 tags) a lot of training will learn Shanghai dragon you don’t understand the code, I want to say "" Shanghai Dragon don’t know HTML, you do not need to learn".

mentality is: when your website ranking is up or down the right to maintain a good attitude, do Shanghai dragon very boring this is short-term effect is not necessarily not too disappointed, there is practical, if you do not how Shanghai Longfeng short-term effect don’t try to use the technique of cheating do many people say I can’t use a? Here I want to say if you lied to a search engine, then you will be second times three times, right? As a novice Shanghai dragon if you pre do, then the future as can be imagined.

really want to know?

2, Shanghai Longfeng term

1, HTML code

3, state of mind with execution of

The so-called

I said

the following three points:

today, why write this topic? I believe in my blog before many articles have said Shanghai Longfeng novice how to learn how to learn Shanghai dragon like the article, because of the recent understanding of many new friends of Shanghai dragon still do not understand, in fact, I think the novice in schools in Shanghai Longfeng, often do not understand Shanghai, how to do it. Don’t know how to do the first step, but do not know what to do next, on the contrary many novice think Shanghai Dragon Well, web search garbage Shanghai dragon watching video (why I say the garbage Shanghai dragon video? Because many video was before, you should know that times have changed and there is some people outside of the chain, are not worth watching the video, I think Shanghai Longfeng garbage video, of course, you can also opposed most) After going astray Shanghai dragon abyss.

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