Case analysis the use of Canonical tags and problems

(1) due to the space display problem of paging display, if each page in the Title are identical or just use "the fourth page" to distinguish, in order to avoid the problem, can be on the first page outside the page using the Canonical tag. Of course, if you have the ability, recommend the article page using the previously mentioned forms: lengthy articles in small circles for the title page, each page has its main keywords optimization, page optimization core keywords, so there is no need to use Canonical.

common need to use the Canonical tag case as follows.


love Shanghai introduction of Canonical:

(2) because the website functional settings, have different URL on the same page, and because the problem of setting function, that can not be directly used to solve the problem 301. For example, in front of the URL mentioned in the optimization of attention matters, thousands of network products for the main station link added to track user behavior parameters of content.

(3) with a content list >


if you have noticed that some search keywords in the search of love Shanghai, often appear on the website list or the article page first page appears in the search results, the first page is Not the least trace was found.. As shown, search for "Shanghai love street shooting big man small ornament metrosexual man", the second page is treated as the main page in the rankings. I believe this will be the common search user dissatisfaction, often need to click on the search results, and then click on the page in the first page to browse. Shanghai officials also love there are doubts, coupled with a large number of owners reflect and demands of long-term love, Shanghai finally in early 2013 began to support Canonical tags, to solve this problem through the webmaster and search engine cooperation way.

of a group of identical or highly similar ", through the use of the Canonical tag can tell the search engines what page to regulate", to regulate the URL and avoid the search results appear more content with the same or similar pages, help included problem solving duplicate content, avoid repeated display and the weight of the same web page content the weight, improve the standard of the web page, the web page ranking optimization rules.

specification is a set of content pages are identical or highly similar preferred version of web page. The use of Canonical Tags: in nonstandard parts of web pages create link elements, form. Add this link and attribute can tell love Shanghai: "all the web pages in the same content or highly similar, the web page for the most standard most valuable pages, recommend the web page in the search results in front of the position." That is to say in the search for relevant keywords, specification will be as the main page in the page ranking, and reduce the situation.

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