Detailed website optimization 3 Tips

Hello, I am plump mall editor, I remember Bill Gates said: "twenty-first Century or electronic commerce, or no business can". With the words of classic appeal, whether novice or veteran, will head into the Internet, how to become a qualified webmaster, how to avoid the search engine punishment does not fall into the sandbox, arrrr share some experience in website optimization.

three: inside and outside the chain of reasonable

two: original content


1, website of reasonable air link structure, can improve search engine website weight, help to improve the efficiency of the search engine on the web crawling index, are included to the website. There are several methods in the chain optimization. 1, the link text description. The article is inserted into the keyword point, but the content must be associated with the website. 2, a navigation with two navigation. A navigation is not more than 8, two level navigation does not exceed 3, otherwise the user will search spider with resentment. 3, site map. The site map submitted to the search engine on the home page, the most appropriate, because there is a direct benefit to the website weight.

2, the chain is the site of the blood, plus Google more and more attention to the quality of the chain, so for the site with the weight of the table is a good news, so that to some of the weight of relatively high PR website is more appropriate, links in high traffic sites than in the access link >


now with the first train collector spread, many friends have many sites, causing the site there are many repetitive content and without spam filtering, although the acquisition by mouth short time can reach N information, also can achieve a lot of search engines included, but the punishment is very strict, light off the sandbox, or by K, a search engine like the love to eat grass, as long as every day fresh information update, search engines will have a crush on you on time every day to collect, our station in general a week to write 2-3 original articles every day, issued a total of 10 articles about information.

2, some friends want to quickly upgrade the stack keywords ranking or use a lot of rush into danger, popular keywords, in fact, this approach will reduce the search engine on your favor.

1, the words can be said to be the site of the famous brand, after the establishment of the station did not choose keywords to the correct correlation, then the site after the on-line optimization does not flow, generally used to love keyword optimization with Shanghai Google index query, the best use of some keywords search volume and competitiveness of small, the first 4 keywords based optimization 2, relevant keywords, a core keywords, a long tail keywords. TITLE, description, keywords must have a single page keywords, keywords in the 2%-8% between the most appropriate. In the paper, with the friends of the chain, need forum signature keywords tracing points, ranking for targeted benefits.

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