n the sale of the site to prevent Shanghai to love weight sell strategy

love Shanghai weight in Shanghai Longfeng optimization circle but in fact love Shanghai for having heard it many times, the weight is only a concept of some webmaster tools, fiction, and analysis of the principle is the main website there are keywords ranking statistics, and then calculate the approximate flow according to the key position, and then in the light of these traffic prediction to evaluate the weight site. However, these are only expected to flow, and it is a relatively vague concept, there is no way to accurately calculate, it gives the possibility of cheating.

believes that the website optimization friends all know a word that is for having heard it many times, love Shanghai weight. As for the website, love Shanghai more weight, so the site’s ranking will be higher, the corresponding flow will be higher, love Shanghai included time intervals will be more, it’s a very good website. So if this website to sell, want to lower prices to buy, it is more difficult, so many owners have to love Shanghai weight profiteering.

then you have to see the site collected. Shanghai love index can brush, but the site collected is not likely to brush, and brush once content, this website will soon be love Shanghai shield, may not be able to get their check. Collected so check the website basically can be a true weight of intuitive judgment of a web site.


actually want to make a good fake love Shanghai weight, the difficulty is not large, only through the website keywords ranked first for hard brush, so it can cause great false website traffic, of course, this actually site traffic has not changed, but for many third party platform, but these will be able to keywords statistics into love Shanghai weight, so as to achieve the weight lifting love Shanghai. For such a high puffiness love Shanghai weight website, how can we prevent to avoid the risk of this website to buy a

is the first to love Shanghai official test for cheating method at present, no matter how clever to escape love Shanghai supervision is difficult, so the use of this important tool to love Shanghai index analysis website keywords index can get brush keywords phenomenon. For example, we usually see some keyword index changes little, but recently there have been some relatively rare keywords even love Shanghai index is quite high, so you want to buy this website is relatively rare keywords website just, it must be careful.

then look at the trans site. For the high.


of course for individuals, understand the weights are just for the love of Shanghai in the future to better optimize your website, so there is no need to engage in what the false weight, but if I want to improve the weight of this love Shanghai, then call on the Internet, ready to sell the site, then love Shanghai more weight, then sell the price is higher, so you can get a good income.

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