How to choose the way of life in Shanghai dragon in occupation

is shown to act and Yuan (non polar) environment of Shanghai dragon. The author of "rely on diligence" "relying on resources and technology" and "rely on content" of the three types of people reviewed, and also found the intersection of them. But this picture did not show up, is to "ecological Shanghai dragon" for the higher level of the environment, or that time did not show the relationship between them. In fact, the original authors are also more inclined to rely on the content effect "a class of Shanghai dragon er. Despise reproduced without attribution, so book network is a professional website of Shanghai dragon, WordPress Shanghai Longfeng, trying to find a rapid increase in the amount collected, quickly improve the ranking, optimize the display effect in the search engine, to improve site traffic, and ultimately the best method of product benefits.

does this metaphor appropriate describe the different way of life in Shanghai Longfeng occupation. The so-called life, and life is different, life can be very relaxed, and survival is facing fierce competition and rapid changes in the environment, so the survival to describe the behavior of occupation may be more appropriate.

if you must on the ecological Shanghai Longfeng a comb, I will come up with the above picture. From the time point of view, Shanghai dragon is a rising process, showing the law of development of Pyramid, which in the future is an elite industry, until it abstracts a subject. But before this, the main function of Shanghai dragon or in the production practice for social service. From the environment (human factors), the entire development process also showed the development process of Pyramid, it is to describe the content more rich connotation and depth, grasp its people are required to have higher knowledge and ability. Finally, for "what is Shanghai dragon?" this problem, it must be in constant evolution, from a "means" to "a resource" to "an idea", finally, when it rose as a discipline, it must have its own metaphysical part but, we can not be included in Shanghai Longfeng philosophy, so it is a kind of social culture.

"hard" "resources and technology" is indispensable, but with the change of time, they are no longer is the core competitiveness of Shanghai Longfeng occupation in the core competitiveness to the content. I think if the search engine also uphold this view or attitude, so soon the description of the "ecological era" is coming soon.



    read the webmaster home today to an article in the "change of Shanghai Longfeng environment under the webmaster bianzetong not change blocking" opening said is very interesting: Shanghai dragon Impergium created a hard-working person, Shanghai Dragon Industrial Age proves that the resources technology, Shanghai dragon the ecological era awakened people do content effect.

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